Evans Ranch Under Way

I understand that some residents have concerns about the Evans Ranch development that is located just east of Porters Crossing.  In general, the concern was over the manner in which the development would move forward, and how the area would be built out.  Some residents were under the impression that the development would start at the north end and work its way south from there.  One resident emailed me Sunday evening when he grew concerned about the public hearing notice he received about the plat approval for the LDS church building located at the south-western most corner of the development, as well as the construction just off of Clark Street.

It is my understanding that residents who live in that area had a meeting with the developer to discuss the development and were told that the development would proceed from north to south.  I have reviewed the Master Development Agreement and the recent plat approval from the January 7th City Council meeting, and I would like to address those concerns.  The Master Development Agreement was approved stating that the initial phase of the development would start just off of Clark Street as plat B-1, and would include only three houses.  These are the model homes for the development.

You may be asking why those model homes were located smack dab in the middle of the development and not at the north end of the strip.  This location is the main entrance for the development and as such, will have a nice entrance with a nice landscaped island and now, three nice houses to show.  That is one reason.  The other reason is that all new sewer lines must be built to handle the capacity of this development.  If the first plat approval had been in a different location, the developer would end up spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to build all the infrastructure before even thinking about building a model home (model homes must have working toilets too!).  At the location in the middle, the existing sewer lines are close by and the city allowed the developer to hook up three homes to allow the initial building of the model homes.  This way, the developer can start selling homes and building them as they do so.

The Master Development Agreement for Evans Ranch has a phase plan which is likely to be the way the homes are built out, but not a guarantee.  The general progression shows that a northeast to southwest diagonal plat will be developed next (on the northern most portion of the development).  This will be developed next because that is where the new sewer line will run and will allow the future units to tie in.  After that, we would expect the plats to follow in sequence, though there is not a guarantee that is the way the development will happen.  (It is very unlikely it would happen any other way.)

The church lot is a different issue, as the developer generally completes the initial dirt work then sells the improved property to the church.  The developer of the property will not be the builder of the church.  The church will record preliminary and final plats on their own timeline, then apply for the building permit and build the church on their own timeline.  This would be done separate from the rest of the development.

There you have it!  I truly hope that helps to explain what is going on, and why.  Please feel free to leave any comments and I will do my best to respond to them in a timely manner.  Or, feel free to call me at 801-564-9342.  I’m always happy to talk.

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