The Budget is Coming! The Budget is Coming!

Hello friends and neighbors,

I apologize for the short notice, but I wanted to let you know that we will be having our first budget meeting for the FY 2015 budget on Tuesday, January 21st at 2:00 PM.  This is our visioning meeting where we will be speaking about what we would like to see happen with YOUR tax dollars.  We won’t talk much about the dollars and cents of the process, but we will be talking about the overall vision for what we want to accomplish with tax dollars.

This first meeting is perhaps one of the most important, as this will set the direction for the rest of the budget talks.  You are invited to come to the meeting, which will be held at City Hall in the main conference room, or in council chambers if attendance is high.  What is more important, however, is your feedback.  What would you like to see happen in the coming years?  If you have something on your mind, let me know by leaving a comment.  I hope to see you there, as well!


Your public servant,

Mayor Christopher Pengra

4 thoughts on “The Budget is Coming! The Budget is Coming!

  1. I’d like to see the Eagle Mountain/Saratoga Springs collaboration with Community That Cares continue. Thanks Mayor Pengra for your support and for making this opportunity available.

    Ben Reaves

    • Ben,

      Thank you for your comment. I look forward to continuing this relationship with Communities That Care along with Saratoga Springs. I am sorry I wasn’t able to make the last meeting, but I look forward to making the next one.

  2. I would love to see eventually the trails all connected. So you could hop on to the nearest and be able to go throughout the city. Also, when developments are put in, that this is addressed then also.
    Thanks, I love Eagle Mountain and it keeps on getting better. Let’s keep it up.

    • Jennifer,

      I would love to see all of the trails connected too! Eagle Mountain’s trail system is a huge asset to the community and I intend to keep them as a priority in future development. I am happy to report that our current development code requires trails to be built at the developers expense. You can go to the city website to look up the code 16.35.100 if you want to read what we require. I have pasted the text below as well. Thanks for the comment!

      16.35.100 Sidewalks, trails, and pathways.
      Sidewalks shall be provided along both sides of streets, at the developer’s expense, and in compliance with the detailed performance standards of “Eagle Mountain City Construction Specifications and Standards.” Sidewalks are required improvements, subject to the guarantee provisions of Chapter 16.30 EMMC.
      A. Developments Not Requiring Sidewalks. Sidewalks are not required along alleys. Sidewalks, curbs, and gutters may not be required in agricultural, base density, or Tier I residential developments (see EMMC 16.30.090 and Chapter 17.25 EMMC). Notwithstanding other provisions of this title, the city council may determine in the development agreement that sidewalks will not be required on one or both sides of the street. Such determination may be made if lot sizes, traffic patterns, wider roads or other related design factors support a more flexible approach. If sidewalks are not required, the city council may specify the completion of other public facilities in lieu of sidewalks.
      B. Improved Trails. Developments shall provide improved trails and pathways constructed to “Eagle Mountain City Construction Specifications and Standards” for bicycle and/or horse use which connect the development to other public facilities such as parks or the major existing and planned trails established in the city’s general plan. Connecting trails are required improvements, subject to the guarantee provisions of Chapter 16.30 EMMC.

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