First You Pick It Up, Put It In The Bag


Have you ever seen this cartoon? I remember watching this as a kid and it is a tune that stuck in my head for some reason.  The message in the cartoon is simple.  Littering is bad. Why then as adults do we sometimes forget this rule? Perhaps it is accidental, or perhaps it is because we believe it is acceptable in certain situations.  No matter the reason, litter can become a serious problem if not addressed.  This is certainly the case on the East side of Lake Mountain.  I am a gun owner and a shooting sport enthusiast.  It is one of my favorite activities, and I have been shooting on the East side of Lake Mountain many times. (Now closed to all shooting)  Though I have always made a habit of picking up the area before I leave, there is more that can be done. Now is that opportunity.  Unlike the park ranger in the video who proclaims “I’m the boss, why should I pick up the mess!”, I will be picking up the mess along with many others.  I hope you will come out to help too.  Here is the information you need to know:

A clean-up effort is taking place on the East side of Lake Mountain. This effort includes state, county, and local resources to clean up the land in Saratoga Springs which has been used for shooting. Many volunteers are needed for this massive project. Clean up begins Monday April 7th at 8am until dark and continues each day through Friday. Volunteers may show up at any time and leave at any time. Come help for however long you can! Volunteers should meet at mile marker 17 on SR 68 (Redwood Rd) in Saratoga Springs. The first canyon to be cleaned is locally known as “Burnt Canyon.” Pull onto the dirt road at mile marker 17 and you will be there. When you get there the state forester will provide you with a vest and a waiver that needs to be signed. No children under 12 please. Garbage bags, water, and restroom facilities will be provided. Come with a good pair of gloves, a rake, and/or a scoop shovel. Lastly, do not worry, law enforcement will be patrolling to ensure that no shooting is going on while the clean up is going on.


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