Power and Water

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Last night there were three separate power events that stacked one atop of the other. The result of these events not only knocked out power to residents, but also to our well #5. The well’s blown fuse can not be replaced until we can purchase one next week. (Don’t worry, this isn’t catastrophic.)

The result of those events drained one tank dry and drained half of another tank. In order to prevent any impact to residents water system, our water department worked until 2:00 AM to bring wells 1 and 3 online.

The moral of this story is that we have some of the most dedicated and professional staff of any city in The state. I appreciate your patience during this outage. Next time you see a city worker, tell them thanks for being awesome, and that you appreciate them! They really did a great job serving residents.

9 thoughts on “Power and Water

  1. I just moved into Silver Lake last week from North Dakota. I am very impressed with the openness of this local government. Very Impressed in deed.

  2. How is it that a power outage caused wells to dump their water? Sounds like a serious design flaw. Shouldn’t something that critical have mechanical overrides to prevent this very thing?

    • Drew, my quick post may need some clarification. The fuse was blown on the main well pump (#5) which flows the largest volume of water. In the few hours that our wells were not running, water usage depleted the tanks. Once power was restored we re-fired up wells that flow a smaller volume of water. Because this was done quickly, a complete drainage of the tanks was averted. The power outage did not dump water. Due to the warm weekend, a great amount of people have started watering their lawns which drains the tanks quickly. I hope that makes more sense.

  3. We have a great city and a great mayor. Communication is everything and our mayor does that in an excellent way.

  4. Mayor Pengra, continues to impress me. I am glad we voted for you!! I love your openess, and your transparent form of running this wonderful city we live in. It is very clear that your greatest priority is to keep your town informed. Thank you for all you do!

  5. Thank you for changing the way mailers are done. It seems a much more cost-efficient idea. I am glad to see a more reasonably priced mailer show up each month rather than always cringing a little at the obvious cost of a glossy, colorful mailer.

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