Water on the Roads



I’m sure you will agree with me when I say that water on our roadways is problematic for multiple reasons.  Water causes roads to fail, and if water is running down the road, it is safe to say that the resource is being wasted.  No matter what the reason is for this issue, it must be resolved.  We have taken the first steps to working toward that end.

Currently, the City owns the irrigation system for all public spaces in the city, though we have contracted with The Ranches HOA to maintain much of that system in The Ranches (excluding Nolan Park, Smith Ranch Park, SilverLake Amphitheater, and the Mt. Airey entrance).  The responsibilities of the HOA include maintaining the irrigation system (all sprinkler heads, drip irrigation and water line smaller than 2″), landscape maintenance (mowing, edging, pruning etc), and irrigation control programming.

There have been several issues that impact the ability to effectively manage the irrigation system.  One issue is the grade of the center medians.  Because they are steep, water sheets off quickly.  The solution is to water for a shorter duration, though more frequently, thus allowing time for the water to soak in and not run off.  Instead of watering for 20 minutes, we could water for 4 minutes five times during a day (over a couple hours).  In fact, most of the issues with the irrigation system can be managed through smarter controls.

To attack the problem, The Ranches HOA will be making some changes to the control system.  The City Council will soon be voting on the budget, which includes an investment in an updated timer, control, and monitoring system that will be a long term solution. These expenses will be phased. I have high expectations that these issues will be resolved, though it will take some time. While it is not possible to keep every drop of water off the road, it is possible to keep the majority off the road. That is the goal!

You can help too. If and when you see a geyser from a broken sprinkler head, you can call the HOA hotline at (801) 310-7858.  Please be as specific as possible when identifying the location of the leak. If there is an issue at one of the City-maintained areas in The Ranches or the public spaces in City Center, please call the City hotline at (801) 789-5959, option 6.

9 thoughts on “Water on the Roads

  1. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
    I am so glad this is being addressed along with the issues with our roads.
    I don’t know why these issues weren’t addressed in a more proactive manner but I applaud your efforts.

  2. Thank you.

    How about phasing out the grass for rocks and bushes. Our neighbor cities have water restrictions and we water the roads….

    This effort is a good start.

  3. Thank you. I will now discard the letter I was planning to deliver you. This has been an issue for years. I’m glad our new mayor has the common sense to manage a problem. After the road flooding is resolved could we evaluate repaving the roads instead of just crack sealing entire sections of asphalt.

    • Bryant,

      I am already addressing the road issue too. If you read a few blog posts down you will see the plan for the roads. I am looking to invest a significant sum to truly fix the roads. Starting with Pony express. Call if you have questions. My number is 801-564-9343.

  4. Thanks for addressing this. There are constantly sprinklers shooting into the road and watering the cars that drive by and the road instead of the grass on ranches pkwy. Especially annoying if you just washed your car 😉

  5. I am very happy with many of the things you have done since taking office. Sending the monthly Eagle’s View newsletter with utility bills must be saving lots of money. I also like that you have shortened it so that everyone should have time to read the important issues included. Saving water is also a great idea and I thank you for getting the HOA to better control the flow especially on Ranches Parkway.

  6. My husband and I used to roll our eyes at the newsletter. Now when I read it, I can tell you care about what you are doing and the opportunity you have to make a difference. I am so grateful that you are in office, and that we have an opportunity to move new people in. Change is a very good thing! I don’t have a comment specifically about the water, I just want to tell you how happy I am that you are here, Mayor Pengra! It’s a breath of fresh air. We have a little boy who will be 1 in June and we are excited to enjoy Pony Express Days as a family.

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