Is Eagle Mountain Getting a Prison?

Prison Relocation MapIs Eagle Mountain seeking to be considered for the relocation of the Prison?  This is the question I have gotten from multiple residents today as the result of a news story aired on Fox 13 on May 22nd.  Here is a link to the video if you would like to watch it.  In the newscast, the story identified four potential prison relocation sites.  The sites identified were nearTooele, off of I-80, the West Side of Salt Lake County, and Utah County.  The video graphic dropped targets and labels on the map which you can see in the picture above. The target which Identifies Utah County seems to be resting on Eagle Mountain, which has prompted great concern.  I was watching the newscast when this story aired and I had the same concerns that each of you have had.

To be perfectly clear, Eagle Mountain City is not seeking to be considered for the new location of the prison.  To give you a history of this subject as it relates to Eagle Mountain City, there were conversations about this many years ago under a previous administration, though they were not serious.  Several years back, the discussions ended as there was little appetite from residents to have a prison located here.  It is my position that Eagle Mountain is not the right place for the prison, nor is the prison right for Eagle Mountain.  As such, I have no intention of pursuing any such consideration.

While we have not pursued consideration, I recognize that developers within Eagle Mountain, adjacent municipalities, and unincorporated Utah County along our border could conceivably have sought consideration without the City knowing it, that does not appear to be the case. To confirm my understanding of the situation, I have spoken to several contacts in the development community, as well as officials at the county and state levels.  Each of those contacts have confirmed that Eagle Mountain has not been identified as a potential location for the prison.  In fact, the Prison Relocation Commission does not have a “short list” of potential sites yet.  That will not likely come until much closer to the 2015 Legislative session.  I am sure that some locations have been proposed, and may be under very preliminary consideration, though Eagle Mountain is not one of them.  

As always, if you have any further questions I am happy to address them. Just leave a comment for me on the blog and I will do my best to answer promptly.

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