The Meaning of Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Today is a day to remember those that have served this country.  My oldest daughter is old enough to have a deeper understanding of service, sacrifice, and freedom, and mortality.  So today I took her to the Veterans Memorial Cemetery by Camp Williams.  We had great conversations about what our military members do for our country and what many families across this country have endured to protect the freedoms we enjoy every day.  We even took a few quiet minutes on a bench to pray for our country, our military, and the families that are now surviving their loved ones who served. We spoke about our rights protected in the Constitution of the United States of America through the Bill of Rights, and how other countries are often not afforded such rights.  I consider Eagle Mountain to be a community that supports our military members, and I hope you do too.  We appreciate those that have served and sacrificed, and to those that have paid the ultimate price, we honor you on this day.  God bless you and Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day 2

2 thoughts on “The Meaning of Memorial Day

  1. As a veteran, I appreciate your support and the comments you made. As a father, I am even more appreciative of your description of the manner in which you teach your daughter about important things like honor, dignity, respect, and committment. It says a great deal about the type of man you are and the family you are raising. Thanks for your fine work as Mayor and your even more important work as a father.

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