Traffic Safety

I’m still planning to provide an update on the proposed sale of our gas and electric utilities. I should have new information to share within the coming week. However, today I want to address a public safety concern.

You may have heard last Thursday that there was a traffic accident on Cory Wride Memorial Highway (SR-73) and Sunset Dr. (where the new Black Ridge Elementary School is).  A young lady was turning left onto Cory Wride Memorial Highway from Sunset and was hit broadside by oncoming traffic.  Several residents have since shared their concern with me over this intersection.

First I would like to say that my heart goes out to this young lady and her family.  I ask that you join me in praying for her recovery and peace and strength for her husband and family. The traffic control mechanisms on Cory Wride Memorial Highway are planned for and paid for by UDOT.  While Eagle Mountain has no ownership or jurisdiction over the highway, we have worked with UDOT to identify intersections which will need signals as we grow.  This list was created some time ago and this intersection has already been identified on that list, though a timeline has not been established for when that may be built.

On Friday morning after the accident I called the UDOT Region 3 director to discuss the concerns residents have brought up.  UDOT is sending someone out to look at the intersection, and they will be getting back with me by the end of the week with their observations.

When Black Ridge Elementary was being built, a traffic study was not completed because the School and Institutional Trust Lands Administration (SITLA) and Alpine School District develop their properties under their own development guidelines.  Fortunately, we have a positive relationship with both SITLA and Alpine School District, and we have asked that a traffic study be completed on Sunset Drive.  I expect that we will hear back from them in a day or two.

While I cannot mandate that UDOT put a signal at this location immediately, I am working to build a case for addressing the issues at that location as quickly as possible. I’ll keep you informed as conversations continue.

5 thoughts on “Traffic Safety

  1. Although it is not in Eagle Mountain, what about the intersection where pioneer crossing is going to connect with Cory Wride? This seems like it is going to be dangerous too.

  2. Mitsie, Cory Wride Memorial Highway will flow directly into Pioneer Crossing. It will not continue down to Redwood Rd. so there won’t be a signal there. Shortly after the two meet, there will be a signal for making a left hand turn. I don’t expect there will be any problems with traffic control on Pioneer Crossing. I hope that is helpful.

  3. Thank you Mayor Pengra. My children will be attending Black Ridge Elementary and I am very concerned about this intersection. I live in Westview Heights (south side of sunset across 73 from new elementary) and pull out this road everyday. Please keep fighting for us. Also I often see pedestrians walking, running, and etc. from the Sunset drive to the Maverick Gas station and Rockwell Highschool. Often they are high school age walking on the very busy road. It would be great if UDOT could at some point put in a sidewalk. Pedestrian’s walk on both sides of US 73 here. Thank you for your help.

  4. I know everybody is working hard and cutting through red tape. But school is starting in 2 weeks. I drove by school today and tested the traffic turns… Not an easy thing. Expect long waits and delays. A very deadly accident just happened little over a week ago, right there at the school. SR 73 was closed. We are considering to change schools this late in the game, because it is a serious concern. I am pressing my wife that we try to switch schools, or plane right out refuse to send our daughter to that school because of the traffic issue, mostly because I want to demonstrate that more pressure needs to be put on UDOT… or at least put troopers on the road to direct traffic every day until we have a traffic light. Poor planning on the side of the school district, shame on them. thanks for trying to work with UDOT…. Thanks for your hard work!

  5. more suggestions of how to maybe solve the traffic / intersection issue missing a traffic light: Seriously, I have no red tape on my desk – I am color blind. I will be happy to contribute to some seriously larger mobile signage that the UDOT can’t tell me anything about where I can or cannot place it, and then just regulate traffic behind me at the intersection for buses to go in and out, plus parent traffic…. Parents with flags, flagging down traffic to slow down… We can also consider blocking the street as well, as parents… all in the absence of UDOT and/or UHP, if they ignore the need for traffic control. I am real concerned. Imagine buses, and dozens if not even hundreds of parents cars going in and out. This has disaster written all over. Will you, Mr. Mayor, have traffic directing enforcement on sight at least? Or should we Citizens / parents organize?

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