The Bid Request, and Bid Opening

As resident’s have asked some additional questions, I thought it may be useful to see what we are requesting from any potential bidders. This is the official bid request for the parties wishing to bid on the electric utility.  Also, I will make the bids available to the public once they are opened.  Barring any unexpected changes to plan, that should happen on the evening of Thursday, August 14th.

Request for Bids for Electric Utility

6 thoughts on “The Bid Request, and Bid Opening

  1. I for one think excepting a bid from Rocky Mountain power would be a major mistake.First off they are not a a company that would think of the residents of Eagle Mountain they think of taking care of them self’s.When I was younger the power was owned by the State of Utah and called Utah Power if you had a problem you talked to someone from Utah it’s main office is in Oregon and the only thing they have interest in is the State of Oregon it’s self..Also if you have not seen the problems that other customers of theirs is having like those that have solar panels they want to charge them for using the SUN.If you went with the first plan of selling it to the power company out of Provo I would not have no problem with them since it would be a local company and there interest would be that of the people in Eagle Mountain and the people of Utah.

    • Raymond, thank you for your comments. It is unknown who’s bid may be accepted. Please tell your city council your thoughts. Don’t be silent. Their email addresses can all be found on the City website under elected officials. This bid process is established by the legislature so that no entity is edged out of the running. If there are multiple competitive bidders, they get an equal shot.

  2. Rocky Mountain Power serves our cabin at Bear Lake. Additionally, growing up, we were always pleased with their service. I look forward to our city having less debt.

    • I grew up with Utah power and Light at that time Utah had it’s own power company than Rocky Mountain came along and took over..They gave all kinds of promises and broke every one of them..Also they are now wanting to tax or make people pay for using solar panels witch is telling people that they own the sun now and since we own the sun we can charge you for using it..The only way we the people of Eagle Mountain will save money isn’t going with Rock Mountain power..The might give all kinds of promises now but once they take over every citizen here will be very sorry..I would say going with the company that 1st came along would make a much better friend of our community..

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