Utilities Sale Bid Opening

The official bid opening for those interested in purchasing the City’s electric utility was held today. The City Council has been provided with a copy of both accepted bids – from Rocky Mountain Power (RMP) and South Utah Valley Electric Service District (SESD). You may view the bid documents here.

On August 19 at our regularly scheduled City Council meeting, an agreement and a resolution will be presented. The agreement will enable Council to award the bid to one of the qualified bidders, if they choose to do so. The resolution will be to submit a ballot proposition for a public vote on November 4 for Eagle Mountain City residents to approve or deny the sale of the electric utility.

Both SESD and RMP will be presenting information at the City Council meeting August 19. The presentations will be given in both the work session (starts at 4 p.m.) and the policy session (starts at 7 p.m.). A public hearing will be held in the policy session, following the presentations. If you would like to give feedback to the City Council prior to their vote, I would encourage you to attend the meeting and speak during the public hearing.

I will continue to keep you informed as we reach next steps in this process.

4 thoughts on “Utilities Sale Bid Opening

  1. I’m a little disappointed with RMP’s rate “specific.” I don’t want an average rate, or an approximate cost. Will you (Mayor Pengra or the City Council) please ask them to clarify their rate brackets and charges? Depending on where they graduate their scale changes how much I am charged, by $50 per year (based on 2 different scales I have seen).

    • Thank you James. You asked me about this earlier and I requested that the link be put up. It may be somewhere else on the site or it may not have worked. Either way, I’ll follow up on that for you.

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