An Update From UDOT

Here is an update on action being taken by UDOT. We have had some productive conversations over the last two days and I appreciate their help in addressing the recent traffic issues.

​There are three different areas to address when discussing the Pioneer Crossing Extension Project. It is important that we look at both the short-term impacts and the final alignment and new configuration.

​Current Impacts – The impacts (one-lane in each direction) that we are currently seeing are a result of crews needing to construct the new intersections for Pioneer Crossing Extension and Crossroads Boulevard with Cory Wride Memorial Highway (SR-73). The contractor is working long hours, 7 days a week, and plans to complete these connections by the end of October. Weather permitting, by Nov. 1 we will see additional lane capacity open on the entire section of road currently under construction. Until there are increased lanes available, please plan ahead and expect delays of up to 15 minutes during peak evening travel times.

Final Alignment – I know many people are concerned about this being the final alignment of the road. One of the main concerns that we have heard is the reduction of traffic to one lane on the turn heading west from Redwood Road to Eagle Mountain. UDOT committed today to looking at this particular area to see if there could be an additional right turn lane added at the new Crossroads Intersection. I believe this modification would help Eagle Mountain residents significantly.

​Why was the roadway designed with this alignment? The new configuration of SR-73, Pioneer Crossing and Crossroads Boulevard is the next step in a phased construction with a future direct connection to the Mountain View Corridor. Building this alignment now preserves land from development and minimizes future tear-out and higher costs of obtaining the property. It is still uncertain how far away the Mountain View Corridor is, but it has been identified in the first phase of the Mountainland Association of Government’s draft Long Range Plan as being necessary in the next 10 years.

​Project Schedule – The project is on schedule and will be open to traffic before the end of the year. A final seal coat will be added to the driving surface in spring 2015. If you would like to receive regular updates on the progress of the project or have a UDOT representative answer your questions, please contact them at – Project Hotline: (888) 427-8585 or e-mail:

16 thoughts on “An Update From UDOT

  1. The alignment was to placate the land owner and Saratoga Springs making the entire land mass attractive to development. This at the expense of Eagle Mountain residences and Lehi business owners on Main Street.

  2. I am pretty sure not one person involved in the decision making process of the new SR73 lives and commutes from Eagle Mountain. Thanks UDOT for considering us Eagle Mountain residents when you designed this extremely stupid layout…

    • Agreed! And the wonderful sharp turn is going to be AWFUL come winter. That area of SR73 is already awful then, the turn is going to create so many accidents!! You can tell no one who designed it lives out here and drives these roads.

  3. Hi guys. Here are just a few follow up answers to questions asked on FB. 1. UDOT will not be re-opening 73. 2. This road was not designed as well as it could be, though it wasn’t designed in crayon either. There is a method to the madness and it is based off traffic counts and engineers. 3. When fully opened up, this realignment will be most efficient at flowing traffic where UDOT knows they are going. This is based on traffic data. Upwards of 60 percent of the commuters are heading to Utah county. 4. UDOT has observed the traffic and made adjustments to the signal timing. In the course of their observations they know that the biggest problem that is occurring is a result of returning traffic (from the north) during the evening commute. This can be resolved by adding an “overflow”lane to the intersection. This lane will allow a right hand turn on the left side of the triangular island. This will be a protected right turn running in tandem with the green left heading the opposite direction. This will be done by November 1st. 5. This exact same design is located at the current termination point of pioneer crossing which loads on to redwood. That intersection works well.
    6. Based on the narrow lane widths alone, the current configuration will get infinitely better when completed with wider lanes. Lane width is a significant factor in speed and traffic flow.
    7. I am not a traffic engineer, just a frustrated Mayor. UDOT is now listening and working with me to find solutions. I will now be patient so UDOT can do their job and we will see how it works out. If it is a bona-fide disaster, I will work with UDOT to fix it. 8. SR-73 is not going to be reattached or reopened. Either way, I know the current issues are frustrating and transportation is one of those issues that you as residents don’t see any of the work that goes into it from myself, our planner, our engineer, etc. I will continue to work on it for you guys and in this situation, you will just have to exercise a little patience. It will get better. I promise. Will it be perfect? No. Will it be better in ways you can’t see yet? I hope so.

  4. I am now seriously considering moving from my home that i love due to the new road. It’s not safe and i refuse to drive it. I now take longer and go out of my way to leave our enter our fair city. UDOT doesn’t drive our roads in the winter. I do. I won’t drive that new road!! Hope i can sell fast, i dont want to live here any longer!!!

  5. Im sure glad that you fought so hard for us mayor. How dare you pass the buck when you could have brought this to the people of Eagle Mountain and let us help put up a fight. Other cities have stood up to UDOT so why didnt you. I have lost all faith in you and if i am still here come election time i will fight to have you removed from your seat. YOU have made our streets unsafe for all who have to drive them.

    • Eric Poulson, I’m not sure what you are referring to. You can read that there is a phone number and email listed at the end of UDOT’s statement. I have not taken away any right from you and you may contact them at will. You may not be aware, but this project was approved, designed, and funded well before I got into office. I took up this argument the first month I got in office. I’m a bit confused by your statement. You are welcome to call me directly if you would like to speak. My number is 801-564-9342.

  6. Thanks Mayor Pengra. I think we can all see that you are doing everything you can to be in the loop with UDOT, and are sharing lots of info with the citizens of Eagle Mountain, as you become aware of that info. Our household appreciates that, and your time and efforts to keep us informed and updated. We want to believe that things WILL get better.

  7. Thank you Mayor! I am very happy to hear the addition of another right turn lane. I believe that will help with congestion.

  8. Mayor Pengra,

    Our household appreciates everything you’ve done on this matter and can understand the difficult position you’re in. My main concern is in the removal of SR73. Even if 40% of residents would take that to go north, that’s still a good amount of people who don’t need to veer off to the south and mix with the south-bound traffic. That was a perfectly good road that was recently updated and seems like such a waste of money. If we end up not being happy with the end product, I worry that it will be too late to do anything. At that point UDOT will be done and gone and not want to spend more money. I’m very concerned about that new roadway during the winter months and in the event of an accident.

    My husband sent you an email with a proposal for how to utilize both the new road and sr73. He’s been in contact with one of the engineers at UDOT, who told him it sounded like the best plan they’ve heard. Please consider this idea before it’s too late. Do we, as citizens have any way to make a difference? It sounds like a lot of us would rather rally together now to make a change before we’re literally stuck.

  9. I drive this road every morning. I absolutely hate it. I can’t blame the Mayor though as this was not done on his watch, nor is it in our city limits so not much could have been done in any case. My commute time just increased. I’m dismayed to learn this is permanent. The new light stays green for less than a minute before it switches again. So I can never catch the light. It does appear the purpose of this change is to direct flow south to Pioneer Crossing. I have news for UDOT, many of us work in SL county and head north. Mountain view will not give us a benefit either as it heads north west to connect with the corridor west of Bluffdale. That doesn’t help someone like me who works in Murray. With each added project there are more lights and more traffic. 😦 In 8 years there has been a huge increase in traffic heading north and more and more restrictions to the flow. I used to be able to get to my work in about 30 minutes with light traffic. At 530 in the morning it now takes me 45-50 minutes with all the changes. Redwood to Bangerter to I15 to Murray. More than half my commute is just getting to I15. This is the shortest and fastest route; believe me I’ve tried all the routes. Sigh. Good thing I love Eagle Mountain, but I’m sure no longer liking the commute at all.

  10. So let me get this straight; We have taken a one time straight road, and now have made it curvy and way out in some guys field, and are being told by UDOT that not only is this permanent, but that because they are engineers, trust them, that it is better. I think I speak for a lot of north bound commuters when I say that they are wrong. Most people were probably like me, willing to put up with a few days of horrible delays, in order for them to do something that would eventually if not cut my commute time down, at least get it back to what it was. I was shocked to find out that nope, that was it. Oh well, yes, as if being granted a special favor, they did decide to add another lane. And we the people are supposed to be happy about that? There clearly is something else going into the decision. Land deals? Future profits? It can’t be for the improvemnt of the commuting public. Mayor, please fix this. Don’t let them literally take us for a ride. This is a slap in the face to Eagle Mountain.

  11. It is funny and sad to look at these comments made back in Oct. This thing went bad from the moment they closed down that section of the road and added extra time. At first I thought it was a temporary thing and people were going to go to bat to keep it from becoming permanent. That obviously did not happen with enough vigor because it was a permanent change and that was that. Adding two extra lights and a nice detour curve added enough additional time to my commute that it makes me feel like moving closer. Being able to save on gas money, plus my time, and not to mention the extreme cost of utility bills, has finally outweighed the benefits of cheaper housing.

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