UDOT Meeting update

As many of you may be aware, we held a meeting with UDOT yesterday to discuss the traffic associated with the Pioneer Crossing extension.  I believe it was a positive meeting, and I’d like to share the outcome of the dialogue.  Before I do so, I want you to know that our meetings with UDOT will be continuing on a monthly basis at least for the next few months.  We have both agreed that it would be best to keep a close eye on any issues that may arise as a result of the project.

The results of the meeting are as follows:

UDOT is working to complete the striping so that we will have four lanes of travel:  two westbound and two eastbound lanes.  The configuration of the lanes will follow the same route as exists today.  The entire stretch of Pioneer Crossing will not be opened until a later date.

For the westbound lanes, you will travel up SR-73 as before, though two lanes will now be open and will curve up to the right turn where the “pork-chop” exists.  The right lane will be a continuous right as before, and the other westbound lane will be a right-hand turn on the outside of the “pork-chop”.  This effort is meant to reduce the wait times commuters are currently experiencing.  When the signal is installed, the right-hand turn around the island will give a green arrow, though right turns will be allowed as a yield on red.

When the project is finished, UDOT will be conducting service level studies on all surrounding area roadways to include Pioneer Crossing, SR-73, Aspen Hills Dr, and Pony Express in order to get a comprehensive view of how traffic is behaving.  At that time, we will be making additional assessments of this road design.

UDOT is aware of our concerns over the weather and the potential for accidents.  We will continue to monitor this closely.  Any construction that may be done to make changes to the current design would not be possible until next spring, so we are using this winter to make assessments of the traffic patterns and traffic flow.

I have told UDOT that we would like to see two continuous right-hand turns to at least get us closer to what we had before this project.   UDOT engineers will be working on ways to program in two permanent turning lanes and we will discuss those various design options at a later date.  That may come in the form of two continuous right lanes, or it may come in some other form through the signal.  Either way, the focus will be on flowing the most traffic possible.

As always I’ll keep you updated.

3 thoughts on “UDOT Meeting update

  1. It sounds to me UDOT have no intention of listening to our mayor, our residents or anyone else. They’re made a plan and are sticking to it, regardless of accidents, death or injury, ineffectiveness of travel, congestion etc. If you think they’re going to complete the project and THEN do studies to assess if their project was a success and then possibly change things after the fact, you’re wrong! Why would they spend money twice? The idiocy of UDOT amazes me. Why would you complete something as planned when the plans have yielded so many objections and concerns?? Why not fix it BEFORE you go too far and there’s no turning back? Sadly Mayor, it sounds like your meeting was a failure and our pleas as leadership and a community to UDOT are falling on deaf, arrogant, stubborn ears. Other agendas are obviously at play and the residents of Eagle Mountain just have to shut up and take it. It’s sad to see a community with so much potential be dictated to by the stupidity and shortsightedness of a few. That being said, I/we as a community appreciate your efforts!!

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