Utilities Next Steps

Yesterday, Eagle Mountain voters decided to sell our electric utility and by association, our gas utility. This is a significant event in Eagle Mountain’s history, and a conclusion to a debate that has continued over the span of many years. I am impressed that voter turnout was 35.3% of registered voters. In a midterm election no less! The results were 73.07% in favor of the sale and 26.93% against.

Following this decision by voters, our job is not done. We will work hard in the coming months to ensure that the transfer of the assets goes smoothly. Now that we have a clear path forward, we will work on the legal details of the asset purchase agreements between Eagle Mountain City and Rocky Mountain Power and Questar Gas respectively. Additionally, we will work to wrap up the placement and legal details of  Eagle Mountain’s existing energy contracts. The sale of the utilities will not be concluded until these agreements are signed and that will take several months.

One thing that will affect many of you more immediately is the discontinuation of EM City’s budget billing program. As we announced previously, with the sale moving forward our budget billing program will end effective December 2014 and account balances will be reconciled based on actual consumption. On the December billing statement, final balances will be shown. If you participate in the program, you will either have a credit owed or additional balance due. If you have a credit, you may choose to apply that to your bill amount or receive reimbursement by check. Please note, if you opt to receive a check, those cannot be issued until the utility sale is finalized in early 2015. If you owe more on your balance and would like to set up a payment plan with our utility billing office, you may contact them at 801-789-6609. Both Rocky Mountain Power and Questar Gas offer equal pay programs, so residents will have that option after services are transferred to these companies.

We will be communicating all of the important details to you in the coming months and letting you know exactly what you need to know about your new services. For now, there is no need for residents to take any other action. There will be a few months of work left to conclude these transactions, but we will keep you informed as we do so.

4 thoughts on “Utilities Next Steps

  1. After the sale of the utilities it would stand to reason that pay cuts will follow. I haven’t seen this addressed but someone or some persons are going to have significantly reduced job responsibilities. I am not inferring those that post payments either…Care to comment Mayor Pengra?

  2. I think it was already discussed in previous forums… Current employees would be absorbed into comparable positions with the acquiring company, receiving comparable salaries to what others make… which could even mean a pay raise for some, not necessarily a pay cut. I am not sure of all the details and stipulations, as it was a while ago that I read about it. Glen

  3. I’m sure that is correct Glen. An employee’s wife mentioned frequently on Facebook that her husband would get a huge raise if the utilities sold.

  4. Only the few that work in the energy dept will get jobs with companies respectively. Those are probably a pay raise but a loss of types of benefits so it equals out. As far as the others with the city, billing, they will not be absorbed so that’s for the mayor and council to deal with. Or part time mayor…..

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