Council Meeting Tonight

At tonight’s City Council meeting there are a couple of items with impact to residents that I wanted to be sure you are aware of.

First, there is a proposed amendment to the military utility abatement program. Due to the impending gas and electric utility sale, the resolution the Council will vote on tonight would decrease the amount of the monthly bill credit for those who qualify to $25 and require applicants to be serving on active duty deployment orders outside of the State of Utah for more than 60 days. As a City it is important to us to continue to show appreciation to those who are serving our country. Following the completion of the utility sale, this revised program is what we are able to offer from a budgetary standpoint. If approved by Council, we know this will affect the personal budgeting of many of our residents and wanted to build in some time for families to make this adjustment. Those currently participating in the program will continue to receive the $100 monthly credit through the first two billing cycles of 2015 (ending with the bill received in March). After that, only those who qualify under the terms of the new resolution would receive a credit. You may view a copy of the resolution here. If approved by Council, we will be contacting those who are affected and will do our best to work with anyone who may have difficulty making payment as a result of the changes.

Also at tonight’s meeting, the Council will consider a development agreement for Harmony at City Center, a project by Eagle Mountain Communities (John Walden). The Harmony Preliminary Plat is a 772-acre project located southwest of the Overland Trails Subdivision and west of Pony Express Parkway. The project contains 2,535 single-family lots, 92 acres of future multi-family, 27 acres of commercial land, six churches, a junior high school site, and various parks. This plat was approved by the Planning Commission on March 25, 2014, with a condition to obtain a development agreement from the City Council. You may view all documents related to the Harmony development agreement here.

As always, if you have any questions about either of these items or other matters, please comment or email me and I will be happy to address them.

4 thoughts on “Council Meeting Tonight

  1. As a Veteran of multiple deployments and as a person that is currently using the Military Utility Abatement Program, I am fully supportive the changes proposed by the amendment despite having to pay more each month. I believe that we as a community should support those deployed overseas and in harms way, however, when troops are in garrison (home), they shouldn’t be subsidized with local taxpayer dollars. There are already several Federal and State programs that exist to help Military Service members in need.

    • Albert, thank you for saying so. As a veteran, I feel the same way, though I realize this isn’t necessarily a popular action, I believe it is the right action. Thank you for your service.

  2. My only concern is with pony express just being one lane in each direction. Not sure if plans are in the works to widen it in the future. More cars are using it from when my family and I first moved out here and as we keep building in the city center area , more and more traffic will use it. I am all for development which in turn will help the tax revenues, which will help the city provide more ameneties

    • David, we have been working hard on a master transportation plan this year and there are plans to provide additional capacity to this area in the future. We are being purposeful and diligent in assessing the future needs of the community while looking at the current need to accommodate growth.

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