Prison Relocation – Update

If you have been following the process of the Prison Relocation Commission, you may have read the article I published which stated the reasons for my opposition. If you have not read the Daily Herald article, you may do so by clicking here.

On December 10th, the City Council held a special session to adopt a resolution which formally stated our collective opposition to the prison being relocated to Eagle Mountain. In that resolution we stated we would spend up to $50,000 to oppose the PRC through efforts which may include hiring a lobbyist, legal counsel, or public education efforts. The purpose for the resolution was to send a strong message to the PRC due to the fact that we have no representation on the commission, and we have felt as if we have no voice in this matter.

To date, we have not spent a dime of your tax dollars on this fight. We have opted to approach the Prison Relocation Commission directly in an attempt to have some meaningful communication and to help the PRC members see what we see. We want the PRC members to understand the tremendous opportunities we have before us. We see that Eagle Mountain will play a significant role in Utah’s economy, and that Eagle Mountain is poised to offer Utah something unique that can’t be found in other city along the Wasatch Front. We have a booming population of 26,000 people and continuing to grow fast. We know who we are, and we have taken intentional steps to position ourselves for prosperity through meaningful economic development, all while preserving the qualities that make Eagle Mountain special.

Since December 10th, I have met with Senator Stevenson, Representative Wilson, Governor Herbert’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Mike Mower, and many residents, as well as other officials tied to the PRC. While I still don’t think everyone understands what our city is like or what a prison would do to our economy, I can tell you that the lines of communication are now open. I intend to keep providing information demonstrating why the site in Eagle Mountain is not appropriate for the prison relocation until it is removed from the PRC site selection list.

If you want to help me, get involved by attending the Prison Relocation Commission meeting on December 22nd at 2:00 PM at the Capitol.  If you plan on attending and would like an opportunity to carpool, Council Member Donna Burnham will be at City Hall at 12:15 PM on Monday coordinating that. Carpools are planning to depart by 12:30 PM.

As always, please leave a comment or call me directly at 801-564-9342 if you have questions.

9 thoughts on “Prison Relocation – Update

  1. Thank you for doing everything you can to fight this for us! We really appreciate all of your efforts, and are hopeful that it will all work out!

  2. Honestly I am building in the Silverlake division and if I would have known they were even considering or building a prison in Eagle Mountain I wouldn’t have even looked to build where I am. I don’t feel like moving from another city to be in a city known for where they are building the prison, my home won’t be finished until after this is resolved and I just might consider backing out, I really hope that they don’t build one out in Eagle Mountain or Saratoga Springs. I hope you can win this!

  3. We already know that Draper’s property value will go up when the prison is moved. They’ve stated that publicly (because it is true)….so obviously all of our property values here will decline. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out. My question is, what type of recourse will we have, as a community, against the state when that happens? Their unfair decision to plant a prison in my back yard (without a vote from me) will make my house almost impossible to sell, unless I lose massive amounts of money. We are just barely making up for our loss during the recession. We don’t want to live near a prison, that’s why we moved somewhere that didn’t have one. Nobody else wants to live near a prison either. Basically the only people who are going to be willing to live here are the rif raf wanting to be closer to their felons, or people who work at the prison. That leaves almost nobody to buy the beautiful home we built here….unless we sell it for dirt cheap (which we can’t do). We will move if the prison comes here….even if that means foreclosing on our home. Whoever is deciding to make my yard a prison should have to pay me for the amount my property value declines.

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  5. Mayor Pengra, Thank you for your strong and ongoing advocacy in opposing the prison relocation to our fine community.

  6. You people are up in the night if you think Mr. Pengra has any bearing on whether the prison will move to EMC or not. He has essentially created this mess by convincing the citizens – my wife and I voted no – that we were in dire need to sell the utilities. This allowed the infrastructure to support the prison in Eagle Mountain. If anyone hasn’t made this connection that has been paying attention must believe that 1+1 equals 3 as our mayor so obviously does. The only person that has control on the prison, John Walden, doesn’t really care what is housed out here because he doesn’t live here. He gets return on his investments no matter who or what is housed on his lands. The Miller Family at least had the know how to remove their property from the list of potential sites in order to protect their name. We, unfortunately, don’t have that same luxury because of JW. The fact is, the prison is coming to EMC whether you like it or not. You voted, now enjoy all of the “benefits” that come with the utility expansion.

    • Thank HEAVEN there is someone else out there making this connection. I thought I was the only one. EMC has made their bed and now they need to sleep in it.

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