And Then There Were Three

I have just left the Prison Relocation Commission Meeting. I am disappointed that we are still on the list along with one of the Salt Lake sites and a Tooele location.  I strongly disagree with the representations made by the consultant on the infrastructure cost and several other assumptions.  I will write up additional details in the meeting and my assessment this evening.

12 thoughts on “And Then There Were Three

  1. I feel the only way the Eagle Mountain site should be considered is with a guarantee (by the state) to complete a freeway over the mountains to provide this city with another thoroughfare in and out of the city. This would also help with the transportation issues hindering an industrial park in that area. Highway 73 CAN NOT be the only road to that area of the city.

  2. I will be putting my house up next week 4 months before we had planned. Hope it sells before the prison cause it sure sounds like eagle mountain is where it will end up. They are in no way going to put it in lehi. We were not sure if we wanted to stay in eagle mountain. After news of the prison we decided to move. I will not pay taxes in a city that has a prison. Our houses will be worth less money and taxes will still go up. I am still confused I was told that eagle mountain had no help from the state to start the city. This is why the city had loans. So why is it now the state who wouldn’t help now they get to put a prison here? I almost built my home in blufdal but…. I didn’t like how the prison was close so we choose eagle mountain. It’s sad that they think we are not important that they think our city does not matter.

  3. I’m ok with the prison being in Eagle Mountain. The prison will create jobs for the area. There are a lot of false assumptions made about negative impacts of prisons. If you do a search for studies done on prison impacts on rural areas, you will find that they don’t reduce property taxes or harm the economy. If people want to move because of the prison, that’s fine by me because I moved out here to be away from people. 🙂 Having the city grow in population doesn’t do anything for me. I prefer that the city remains small.

    • Actually there are no statistics that support your assumption that the prison will create jobs for the area. If you can find one , I’d be interested to see it.

      • Do you have statistics that support your assumption that my assumption is wrong? Clearly a building that provides hundreds of jobs to a city that has very few jobs does indeed create local jobs.

  4. There are numerous studies I viewed online that dispute your claim. In Arizona, Southern Utah, California and Idaho, studies show housing values dropped, residents didn’t feel safe and an average of only 21 jobs were given to locals because of state hiring practices. A prison is bad news for Eagle Mountain!

    • Anonymous, we haven’t spent a dime of taxpayers money on this yet. I don’t intend to do so and less there is a very compelling reason.

      Christopher Pengra

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    • John,

      Thank you, I have read some of this report, though not all of it. I will make it a point to go back to read it in its entirety.

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