Response to Resident Report

Recently a resident posted a report online entitled “Pigs in Suits.” The report makes numerous allegations of perceived corruption of Eagle Mountain City elected officials and staff, as well naming a long list of others he identifies as being complicit, including: Council members, City attorney, Utah County attorney, State Auditor, State records committee, Daily Herald, Deseret News, Crossroads Journal, Provo Mayor, Orem Mayor, Lehi Mayor, Mapleton Mayor, Utah County Sheriff, Utah County Commissioners, Utah County Chamber, Herriman City Councilmembers, Utah County Association of Realtors, and the Utah Valley Home Builders Association. The author has made claims of illegal activity against the City before and his allegations were unfounded by the State Auditor and Utah County Attorney.

Much of the allegations in the report center around City credit card records from 2010-2013. I’ll provide a brief overview to attempt to address common questions.

There is no evidence of City credit cards being used for personal use as the author claims. Many of the restaurant charges cited in the report were for monthly employee birthday lunches, a budgeted expense that was eliminated in 2012. Other budgeted items related to the restaurant charges include $300-700 per department (depending on size of department) for meetings and conference meals. The City also budgets for food for the Senior Citizens Council activities and dinner for City Council meetings. Council meeting dinners are usually made on site at City Hall to provide a meal for those who are here working through the end of the meetings; typically between 8 p.m. and 10 p.m. City events also have food related expenses.

The charges at stores cover a variety of budgeted expenses-Pony Express Days (including prizes), which has been downsized in recent years, other City events, and a clothing allowance for employees. For field workers, $400 is budgeted to cover all protective gear. Boots, pants, coveralls, jackets, etc. This is standard practice for many occupations which require working outside in environments which can quickly wear out clothes. Office Staff are provided with $100 for shirts which must have an embroidered City Logo put on them.

There are certain purchases that do not align with my definition of necessary expenses just as you may not agree with some of the purchases. However, the expenses were budgeted and legal. I care about today, and tomorrow and the next day. It takes far too much energy looking at yesterday when nothing can be done to change it.  We can however chart a course that we feel is appropriate for today. That is exactly what we have done and will continue to do as we move forward.

Recognizing that some who read the report will have questions, I am going to dedicate my evening to answering any questions you may have. Please post any questions you have in the comments.






17 thoughts on “Response to Resident Report

  1. thanks for the quick but unnecessary response. The allegations ended at the first word “Sam”. You are doing a great job Mayor!!

    One question is how or who audits the purchases? For example my work the person provides a receipt and it requires 2 signatures for reimbursement. In this case it’s the city card so who audits this?

    • It the charge is from a department head, the approval comes from the city administrator and the finance director. For CC charges from any other employee, the department head must also sign off. For the City administrators CC, I sign off on the charges along with the finance director. Thanks for the kind words Ryan.

  2. In this day and age there are agitators who seem to do nothing but stir up division and anger. No doubt that Eagle Mountain had serious problems in the past and politicians who worked hand-in-hand with a “big daddy warbucks” developer to work against the city’s interests including trumping up criminal charges against any who opposed them. I think the finest thing that’s happened to Eagle Mountain is electing Mayor Pengra. We are finally a real city with an intelligent, humble and honest leader. We couldn’t ask for better.

  3. Thanks for all you do Mayor Pengra, it is nice to have a Mayor who is involved and active with the citizens and listens to them. People have to realize that at times there will be charges for meals etc. You and other city employees do travel for meetings etc. at times and do have to eat. My work reimburses us for meals, transportation that is in relation to work

  4. Thank you, Mayor Pengra, for being so accessible and transparent. You have done wonders, getting our city back on the right track.

  5. As always, Mayor Pengra, well said. I appreciated the fact that you address these issues instead of sweeping them under the carpet. I guess I will have to go find this report, just to see what was in it. I need a good laugh now and then.

  6. Thank you Mayor for addressing this. As soon as I realized who the author of the report was, I realized there would be little interest in reading it. But I do appreciate your transparency in addressing the report and its claims. I have not once regretted voting for you, and that’s not something that can’t be said often in politics. 🙂

  7. Mayor, I’d be very surprised if anyone decided to run against you in the next election. You raise a very high bar. If there is a limit to how many years you can be mayor that would be disappointing.

  8. thanks for the response. I can’t believe anyone would listen or believe Sam Allen. Wait… didn’t you support him in the utility scandal? It’s weird that people would listen to a lot of stats and information that sounds so smart it must be true. Wait…. we all listened to the utility sale already. But I’m glad we’re being transparent and not hiding anything in budgets. Kind of like the weed removal that we don’t want line itemed to be questioned. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Mayor Jackson did the same thing and ended the birthday lunches too. So it’s not all you Mayor Pengra

    • Rachel, I worked briefly with Sam Allen, though that association was short lived. (maybe two or three weeks?) I had moral objections to Sam’s tactics and his unwillingness to correct inaccurate information. I wish Sam no ill will. I’m not sure what you are referring to in your statement about all listening to the utility sale, but if you have a question, I’m happy to answer it.

      As for hiding things in the budgets, the nature of budgets is that many items are rolled into appropriate line items and then aggregated in departmental funds. In spite of this structure, great time and care is taken to account clearly for every project and function, especially if the expense associated is a significant line item. Can you give more information about what you concern over the weed removal not being itemized. If you can give me context to your concern, I’m glad to answer you publicly.

      As for the removal of the birthday lunches, I stated clearly in the post that the lunches were discontinued in 2012. This was obviously before I took office and I don’t claim any credit for the removal of this expense. It is worth noting however, that the financial records provided and the data compiled by the author, covered only a time period in which I was not in office. Again that was 2010-2013. In short, you are partially correct that it is not all me. I would only correct one thing. None of this was me. Any credit for improvements made to expenditures during that time are not mine to claim. I am glad that we have discontinued the birthday lunches.

      If you have any specific concerns or questions, I am happy to answer them for you here.

  9. Mayor thank you for your clarification on this issue. It’s these things that come up that allow you to open up your doors so to speak and be transparent. You take hits all the time for past issues and really appreciate the answers you give about trying not to be to concerned about the past but to learn from it and move on. It’s to bad some live in the past. I love my city and I do think you are doing an awesome job at running it.

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