An Apology to 2015 Graduates and Parents

A parent contacted me to voice their concern over my absence from the Westlake High School Graduation today. The parent was right to contact me. In hindsight I should not have placed any other obligation or priority above attending the graduation. It is a decision which I regret. I won’t make excuses for myself. I should have been there to support our graduates today. I offer my sincere apologies to our Westlake Thunder parents, to Principal Openshaw, school administration,  and especially to our graduates. I am proud of each of you for your accomplishments and I hope that you will forgive me for not being there to support you today.


Mayor Pengra

14 thoughts on “An Apology to 2015 Graduates and Parents

  1. I think most people understand there is a lot on your plate and you can’t be everywhere at once. We appreciate all of the overtime you put in for our city, Mayor Pengra.

  2. I guess it comes down to why . From reading this it comes across as you just did not feel lIke making the drive. Im totally kidding by the way. The kids could not have cared less. The just want to graduate.Thanks for all you do. ,p

  3. There are also graduates from Rockwell Charter High School that had their graduation ceremony on Thursday night.

  4. Mayor Pengra, you are a busy guy, you can’t be everywhere at once. You also have your own family to take care of and spend time with. I think the majority of us understand that. If certain citizens don’t get it, that is their problem. Keep your backbone, that’s why we voted for you.

  5. Who is looking for the mayor at the graduation? I couldn’t tell you if the mayor from my home town ever attended any graduations at my school. Not to say your appearance wouldn’t be appreciated but I cannot even imagine why you would be expected to be there unless you had a family member graduating. Good grief, save your strength for Tuesday!

    • I agree 100%! You are the mayor not the principal. I would have never expected my mayor to go to my high school graduation and as a graduate, I really could have cared less. I only cared about my own family being there.

  6. I’ve never heard of a mayor coming to a HS graduation. If your child is attending, glad to have you. But there isn’t any expectation for you to come. You just keep doing what you are doing. Setting a precedent to attend each HS graduation is not realistic. While I think you handled your response with dignity, I am pretty sure the only people that are really wanted at graduation are mom and dad. Hey, I noticed the Governor and President were missing too. In fact the Pope wasn’t there either. Let’s call them out.

  7. This is why I would not be mayor. Who cares if your mayor was at graduation. I know at mine the very first thing I did was look for the mayor, the governor, church leadership, and the president. Oh my gosh people. Get over yourselves.

  8. Are you kidding me?? Our mayor is so busy making sure we don’t get a penitentiary in our back yard. To attend graduation is asking a lot. I am glad I am not the graduate whose parent was more concerned who was or wasn’t there. MYOB comes to mind.

  9. Not to insult us, but, EM City residents need something to complain about. It keeps our edge sharp. The Prison, I thought, was enough. I guess just a little bit more was necessary.

    Really, Mayor, if this is all there is to complain about your performance, then I would take it as an immense compliment. IMHO, Family takes first priority, always, and if the reason, whatever it was, boiled down to an appointed tea party with a daughter, I’d be satisfied. Regardless, I really don’t care the reason; this is all there is to complain about? 🙂

  10. We are so impressed that you came to be with the elementary kids to help them with their RadKids simulation. I don’t know of any mayor that has spent that kind of time helping. You care about the kids of Eagle Mountain, and we are very grateful! Thank you for caring enough to apologize for not attending an event you didn’t even need to attend.

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