A Reminder About Two Meetings

As the title indicates, I apologize for the late reminder, but I want everyone to be aware of two items. There are two important meetings taking place tonight which you are welcome and even encouraged to attend as you are able. First, there is a public hearing at the State Capitol for the public to address the Prison Relocation Commission. This meeting is at 6:00 PM in the House building. Here is a link to the agenda: http://le.utah.gov/Interim/2015/html/00002777.htm.

Also, Tonight is a City Council meeting. There are several items of importance on the agenda. First, this is the meeting where the final budget for fiscal year 2015-2016 will be presented to City Council for a vote. Also noteworthy is a couple items presenting a rezone of property from agricultural use to residential use and one small parcel for commercial use. All proposed rezones are around properties on Lake Mountain Rode. This meeting with start the Work Session at 4:00 PM with the Policy Session starting at 7:00 PM.

Due to the conflicting schedule of the council meeting and the public hearing about the prison, I will be attending the public hearing at the State Capitol and making public comment at the beginning of the meeting, then returning to City Hall to attend the policy session. I encourage your participation if you are interested in either of these meetings.

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