What is the City Doing?

In the midst of all the conversation about the prison relocation I recognize that many people may be wondering what else is going on within the City.

I know that many of you have voiced concerns over the condition of the fields for soccer and baseball. I am aware of the condition of the fields, and we do have plans to make investment into both the baseball diamonds and the soccer fields at Cory Wride Memorial Park. We have applied for a sizable grant for the baseball diamonds and will get a final answer on the status this fall. The funds from that grant would go to various improvements, including parking, turf, and lighting.

A section of trail along Half Mile Road was recently completed. This trail is in The Ranches off of Ranches Parkway, behind the Willow Springs condos.

Our streets department has also completed a section of trail in Eagle Point which connects Summer Way to Pioneer Park, and then goes on to tie in to an existing trail along Eagle Mountain Boulevard.

Our Parks department has completed several projects. The irrigation system on the north end of Pioneer Park in Eagle Point is finished and some trees and turf installed. The same work is underway on the east end of the park. Irrigation, sod, and trees will also be installed in the unfinished section of Overland Trails Park. The skate park will soon be seeing some work done on maintenance and upkeep. The entry to SilverLake Amphitheater is also having work done to complete irrigation systems and will be receiving sod and trees. In City Center, a fitness park is in the late stages of planning and will see the installation of static fitness stations, parking, sod, and trees. This small park will be located at the intersection of Bobby Wren Boulevard  and Pony Express Boulevard.

Concerning the soccer fields at Cory Wride Memorial Park, you may be aware that voles have made holes in the field. Some have raised concerns over the safety of children playing on the fields where the holes present a hazard during play. I was aware of the holes, though I had never seen any on the actual field where games are played. After walking the field, I saw the spots that residents were concerned about. Being an open field, the voles are problematic. We may not be able to eradicate the voles, but we will look into ways to better control the problem. In the mean time, we filled the holes that are on the soccer fields a little over a week ago.

At 48 square miles, Eagle Mountain is a big place. We have a lot of land to manage and keep up with, though we do so with surprisingly few employees. There is no doubt that there are other opportunities to improve our open spaces and parks. There is much more in the planning stages right now. I do want our residents to know that good things are on the horizon for our city. We are being strategic about the projects we take on so that we can make rapid progress while keeping the cost of government low.

Thanks for your patience as we work through these projects and I encourage you to get out and enjoy the open spaces we have. We hope you love the changes, and we look forward to making more improvements.

15 thoughts on “What is the City Doing?

  1. Has there been any thought or discussion about getting restroom facilities instead of out houses at any of the parks in City Center

    • Yes Ken. restrooms are sorely needed. While we don’t have plans drawn up just yet, we are aware of the need and future investment will likely have restrooms as a high priority.

    • I’m not certain if we had planned to add more soft fall or not. If you send me an email letting me know what is broken on the playground equipment, I’ll pass it along to our parks department and have them look at the soft fall material too. My email is http://www.mayor@emcity.org. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Are there any additional plans for the drainage basin at the entrance to Hidden Canyon. Sod has been put in and some tress planted. But my understanding was that the overall plan called for some additional landscaping at the entrance to the subdivision (trees?) and further up the road along Pony Express on the way to Hidden Canyon Elementary. Also, the sod that has been installed is looking pretty sad. Seems that some fertilizer and additional watering is needed to keep cultivating the sod and ensure it takes hold.

    • Jacob, there are indeed plans for the drainage basin. There will be an access for City vehicles to get down to the bottom of the basin for the purpose of periodic removal of sediment build-up. Because this basin is fed from storm drain runoff in undeveloped areas in Hidden Canyon, as well as the water that comes from the start-up of nearby City wells, sediment is washed down-stream and deposited into this basin. Until sediment buildup can be managed by engineered runoff retention or sediment settling/retention upstream, then we will continue to need access. Additional landscaping will occur after the access is designed and built, but we do not have that planned as of right now. I don’t think that landscaping along Pony Express between the Hidden Canyon neighborhood and Hidden Hollow Elementary School is on our list of projects as of right now. If you are speaking about the area just before the road where the school is, that is owned by a private land owner and will some day be houses. I’ll make sure we take a look at the sod at the park and see how it is doing and care for it accordingly. I do wish I could tell you all of your concerns would see additional investment right now. The access to the park will be the first to be addressed of the concerns you have mentioned. I do not have a timeline as of right now.

  3. Hi I am pleased to hear and read about all the wonderful projects that are getting done in the city the last I knew the north ranches were part of that beautiful city,.our city trail system mostly called the local dumping ground is a real fire hazard and I’m afraid that those few that have tried to put in and maintain a yard might lose our trees in a fire. But on the bright side it might be the only way to remove all the garbage and trash along with all the dry weeds and grasses. I have notified your code enforcement office numerous times and nothing happens I think perhaps facebook along with pics might be a way to get the much needed attention. what do you think? So lets end this on a very positive note I am very pleased with our Mayor the way he has addressed the city issues especially the prison relocation BRAVO my hats off to you thank You

    • Bernie, Thank you for your comments. You are always welcome to email me or to call me if you are not satisfied with our response to your concerns. I know our code enforcement officer works hard to respond to resident concerns. If we haven’t met your expectations, let us know with some specifics and we’ll see if we can’t work things out together. North Ranch is a big place and we want to know what specific areas you are concerned about the trash or the weeds. Feel free to contact me. My email is 801-564-9342 and my email is http://www.mayor@emcity.org.

  4. I’m glad to hear about the work the city is doing. I am however concerned about the long term ability for the city to maintain all the open space it has. Having the city own and maintain parks is a must. Outside of parks, there seems to be a lot of open space that doesn’t have a use other than having to be maintained, and well, being open. I wonder if in future developments, it would make more sense to vary the zoning to included larger lots in certain sections of subdivisions. This would help to still provide the sense of an open feel, but not put the city under the burden of having to maintain it.

    • Tyler,

      That is a wonderful observation. I’m pleased to announce that only a couple months ago, the City made comprehensive improvements to our development code to address this very issue. The changes we have made aim to increase investment in park amenities and to manage the type and amount of land that is dedicated to the City. Open space is important, even if unimproved. It creates a feeling of openness within the City. Of course, the process of dedicating land should be managed in a way that makes sense for the City and for the benefit of residents. Open space and parks/amenities should be appropriate for each development and should be considered against the context of near by open space and amenities. If a development of only a handful of homes would otherwise require a very small park, when another large public park is only a block away, it makes more sense that a fee in lieu be paid by the developer and invested in a larger park project near by.

      Zoning within the city does give developers the flexibility to build larger lot sizes within developments zoned for higher densities (smaller lots). The zoning falls to the lowest granted density, and then can be built with lower density at the discretion of the developer. They must employ appropriate transitions from lot size to lot size however. The overall feel of the City is managed through the City’s Master Plan which identifies future zoning allowances. This plan seeks to cluster compatible uses. Overall, I am pleased with the direction we are heading to resolve the issue you have brought up. If you want to know more about this, you are welcome to contact me or to contact our city planner for more information. My email is mayor@emcity.org, Our planner’s email is smumford@emcity.org. You are of course welcome to contact me via phone as well. 801-564-9342.

  5. In SilverLake the extended area from the amphitheater, what is going to become of that space and are ther plans to work on it soon?

    • Jeronimo, I do not yet know the answer to that question. We are working hard to complete projects started long ago. I imagine this project will work it’s way up the list as we complete planned projects, but for now, there is not a completed plan for that area. As such, it isn’t a project we have planned to take on at the moment. That can all change as City Council members weigh in on project completion priorities. If it is deemed that this project has a high value and high impact for residents, it could move up. We are currently working to compile a comprehensive list of projects for consideration. We expect to work on that over the next two months.

  6. I am glad to hear about the current and planned improvements. I have an improvement that I would like to add for consideration and that is paving the road to the mid valley ball fields.

  7. Brian, I agree with your suggestion. We do have a phased improvement plan that we are working from and one of the things we are looking at is to create a paved parking lot off of the road that leads to Frontier Middle School. It isn’t finalized yet, but creating paved access and paved parking for both the ball fields and for the soccer fields on the East End of Pony Express are both projects on the short list. I realize that isn’t the same as paving the road on the South end of the park, but the result should be the same. Easy, paved access, with paved parking, and of course, no more dust showers for spectators and players!

  8. Mayor Pengra,

    Thank you for working so hard to improve our city. Is there anyway to suggest a better park in Silverlake? I see small parks, but can we get a nice bigger park with pavilions, possibly a tennis or basketball court, along with a playground? Do we have any tennis courts in Eagle Mountain? When we chose to build our home in Silverlake we were told we would have a nice large park along Woodhaven Blvd, but I know plans have since changed.

    Thank you!

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