Investing in “The Big Picture”

On June 7th there will be a public open house meeting at Frontier Middle School to provide information about the current stage of planning for two significant projects in Eagle Mountain. One of those projects is the building of Cory B. Wride Memorial Park. The second is future plans for landscape improvements to Ranches Parkway and Pony Express Pkwy. There will be lots of information at this meeting so I encourage you to attend. The event will be from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

I’d also like to share with you what other projects are in the works. Wride Memorial Park will be an important park in Eagle Mountain due to its central location, its designation as a regional park, and the fact that the Pony Express Trail runs right through the center of the park. Of course it is not the only park in our city, nor is it the only park that has seen or will see investments made. Likewise, the landscape medians in The Ranches are in obvious need of improvements to correct long-standing irrigation issues and runoff problems. While these projects are the first of the larger projects to see investments through utility sale proceeds, there are many other projects planned. Additionally, there are many other projects which are included in the normal City budget.

Park improvements have been made to the following areas with utility sale proceeds at a cost of $278,000:

Pioneer Park, SilverLake Amphitheater, Walden Park Detention, Overland Trails Park, Bobby Wren Fitness Park, Eagle Point Trail, Half Mile Rd. Trail, Skate Park Panels, 150 Trees Placed, Hidden Canyon Park, and Rodeo Ground Fence.

The following park improvements have been identified for future completion (not including Wride Memorial Park), and are estimated to cost $3,135,000: Various Trail Connectivity/Completion projects, the Match Program – HOA/Neighborhood Park (Existing only), Nolen Splash Pad Upgrades for water efficiency, Pavilion at Nolen Park near Splash Pad (we are working on this project presently), $25k in Bike Park improvements from utility sale proceeds and an additional $25K from a grant we were awarded, Hidden Canyon Detention Pond improvements to finish the project, SilverLake Amphitheater Slides Park, Park Bathrooms (Smith Ranch, Walden Park, Pioneer Park, Pony Express Park), Paseo Improvements (the large vacant areas that run between neighborhoods in City Center), and a Cemetery wall.

Outside of park boundaries the following open space improvements have been identified at an estimated cost $2,050,000: Pony Express Road Medians – Landscaping in The Ranches, Pony Express Road Medians – Landscaping in City Center, City Center Streetscape Landscaping, Benches, Shade Structures, & Garbage Cans along Trails.

In all, there are $5,463,000 in proposed park and open space improvements planned throughout the City with utility sale proceeds.

Including Wride Memorial Park at a cost somewhere in the ballpark of $3,500,000, the total for park and open space improvements totals $8,963,000.

This does not account for the trail completion projects contemplated in the FY 2016-2017 budget.

Utility sale proceeds are currently contemplated to invest $1,400,000 on economic development, preparedness, and transportation, leaving approximately $2,283,000 un-allocated.   

NOTE: Several key transportation infrastructure improvements were moved from the utility sale proceeds project list to the budget including completion of Golden Eagle Rd. and the Bobby Wren extension, along with a signal at Porter’s Crossing and Pony Express Pkwy.

It is important to understand that there are far more projects than can be done in one or even two years. It will take several years to complete these projects most likely, though I fully expect that you will all notice the improvements being made very soon if you haven’t already.

Obviously, these investments will benefit the community and our quality of life, but the method by which these improvements will be made is the more significant story. There are few if any cities out there that are able to invest this much money over so many different targeted improvement projects simultaneously.  What is more amazing is the fact that all of these projects will be paid for in cash. Even more than that, the cash investment being made will not be negatively impacting our rainy day fund. We will remain at or near the maximum level of funds on hand allowed under State law.

While Cory B. Wride Memorial Park and the landscaped medians in The Ranches are perhaps more visible projects, I just wanted everyone to have a feel for where our money is being spent and why, and to ease any concerns of placing all of our eggs in one basket.

We are in a good place and getting better every day!

14 thoughts on “Investing in “The Big Picture”

  1. Thank you Mayor Pengra for this update and for communicating a vision for our city. I am excited to see the results!

  2. I love that we are funding these investments with cash!

    I really wish I could attend, but we will be around the corner at baseball games. 😦

    • Thank you for your comment. First, to put your mind at ease, cedar Pass Ranch will see investments in roads this year. The blog post focuses on investments specifically on the utility sale proceeds project list, as well as projects which were once on the list and later moved to the budget.

      With transportation we are making great progress and will complete our improvements to arterial roads. We are transitioning to our collector roads and in some cases as appropriate, residential roads.

      I have spoken to members of the Cedar Pass Ranch HOA board about the condition of your roads and I have committed to doing work there this year. I stand by my word.

      I also offer a caution that the needs in your area are significant and will not be resolved all at once. We do have a plan for Cedar Pass Ranch however and will be investing budget funds for this purpose. I simply didn’t focus on all projects under the normal budget.

      I hope that is helpful insight, and thanks for bringing this up.

      • I appreciate that you stand by your word and am happy to hear that CPR is not forgotten. Thank you Mayor Pengra!

  3. Thank you for the update Mayor Pengra. It’s fantastic to see that our city is practicing such wise and prudent expenditures in a transparent manner to the satisfaction of citizens. Very excited to see the maturation of the city with parks! Thank you for working with me on our neighborhood park in Mt Airey.

  4. Thanks for the open communication. Glad to hear some funds are allocated to parks and medians. The more well taken care of our community is the better for us to enjoy, draw new quality residents and keep home values up.

  5. With the extension of Bobby Wren and landscaping open spaces between neighborhoods, will that include a walking/bike path along Bibby Wren? I’ve noticed many people use this road for walking or biking to get to the paths on Pony Express. It seems quite dangerous especially during the early morning and late evening hours when the sun makes it more challenging to see people in the road.

  6. Thanks Mayor Pengra. You are an excellent leader of Eagle Mountain. I actually wouldn’t mind a tax increase to fund an increased salary for you. I fear you might leave us and we would be hard pressed to return to the former times in Eagle Mountain.

  7. I look forward to all the improvements coming to the city. Has there been any discussion of additional employees to keep up with the demand of increased, better maintenance of park and other landscaped open areas? To improve all these areas is one thing; to maintain them and maintain them well is what the legacy will be. I hope that we have looked ahead and will have funding in place to give all these improved areas the attention they will need.

  8. I regret that I was unable to attend the Open House, but am happy to see that there will be investment made in some areas that badly need it. I ran through Corey Wride Park again a few days ago and was glad to see there had been some improvements since my last visit, but it still looked much like a dust bowl, esp. with the roads accessing it and the lack of improvements around the ball diamonds. I guess a park “start” is better than no park, but it would be nice to make a park welcoming and pleasant when it opens, rather than years down the road…..even if it means we take on some debt to do so. I appreciate the City’s aversion to debt and its commitment to sound financial management, but reasonable debt can be beneficial and prudent for a community – just as it can be for a family. There are expectations of residents in a community of our size – foremost in my mind – that of a Recreation Center to serve the community with the types of services that 30,000 (and growing) people should reasonably expect to have. I don’t believe we should wait until we have 50,000 residents. It is going to happen and we need to look forward and plan for that day, but also recognize that those living here today are still waiting………

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