Tis the Season (For Road Work)

With the new budget approved in June, July 1 marks the beginning of a new fiscal year. With the budget year starting in the summer, the City gets moving as quickly as possible to complete projects before the weather turns colder. The most time-sensitive projects are transportation related. Typically, half of road projects are completed within a window of time between the start of the new budget in July, and the early fall when the weather turns cooler. Road projects then pause for late fall, winter, and early spring. The second half of planned road projects takes place in a window of time from late spring, when the weather warms, and the summer running up to the end of the fiscal year on June 30.  The City has made tremendous strides in knocking out a hefty amount of maintenance on our arterial roads, and we are now turning our focus to collector roads. Our aim is to keep pushing until we eventually get the entire City’s transportation infrastructure on a five-year rotating maintenance plan.


Here is a list of transportation projects for the new fiscal year, broken down between capital improvements and maintenance:

Capital Improvements:

-Traffic Signal at Porter’s Crossing & Pony Express Pkwy. ($250k)

-Bobby Wren Ext. ($550k) City code requires that all new subdivisions have two points of access, though some do not. This project will include a trail along the street and will provide a second access point for residents in sections of Pioneer Addition.

-Golden Eagle Rd. ($100k) This project will eliminate the remaining section of dirt road and connect Kiowa Valley with a second paved access to neighborhoods.

-Hummer Rd. ($30k) This section will connect existing streets and run past the new park.

-Salt Shed ($250k) Not only will this help our crews to work more efficiently during plowing operations, it will bring our salting operation into compliance with EPA standards.

-Sunset Drive Improvements ($447k)

-Side Path/Bike Plan Improvements ($185.5k) These are safety improvements to bike and pedestrian crossings at roundabouts and arterial roads.


-High Density Mineral Bonding for subdivision streets ($190k) This treatment will be applied to various areas of the city in order to rejuvenate asphalt on select roads.

-Cedar Drive Overlay/Repair ($50k) This treatment will be the first step in rehabilitating roads in Cedar Pass Ranch.

-Crest Rd/Cedar Pass Rd Overlay/Repair ($50k). This is the same treatment as Cedar Drive.

-Ranches Pkwy NB Chip Seal ($76k) This treatment will be the same as the chip seal that was completed on the southbound roads a couple of years ago.

-Pony Express Pkwy S. Chip Seal ($92k) This will be for a section of Pony Express that heads out to the City Community Development building.

-EM Blvd W. Chip Seal ($253.5k) This is a large chip seal job which will renew the road surface from the roundabout out to Wride Hwy.

All maintenance processes begin with identifying areas where the road may be significantly damaged and removing failed sections, repairing the road base, and patching the surface before treatment.

These improvements are subject to change as timelines and circumstances dictate.

16 thoughts on “Tis the Season (For Road Work)

    • Jason, Sunset Dr. will be widened from the intersection to the first entry to the school on the North side of Cory Wride Memorial Hghwy. This is to accommodate a Northbound lane, a Southbound left hand turn lane, and a southbound straight/right turn lane. All lanes will be clearly marked with striping. On the south side of Cory Wride a similar improvement will be made. I hope that helps, but let me know if you would like additional clarification and thanks for asking.

      • First off let me just say I truly believe your doing a wonderful Job as Mayor. So a big thank you!

        I just wanted to share my traveling experience on Thursday. I took the last week of summer vacation off work to spend time out of traffic and with the family. Anyone living in Eagle mountain who doesn’t work here knows what i’m talking about. I left Nolan park after a soccer practice and due to the back to school function being held at Hidden Hollow Elementary and Frontier Middle school it took me 20 minutes to get to my house in Lone Tree. A big thank you too to the wonderful caliber of residents that live in this area as everyone let others merge safely, and not one horn was heard. Of course a few irritated faces were rightly visible. With school back in swing and related activities as well I am wondering if anything is in the works to widen pony express Parkway from Frontier Middle School to Hidden Hollow. The widening at Hidden Hollow a year or so ago was well needed as it assisted in alleviating some of the congestion during the morning drop off and afternoon pickup times. That did create a slight hazard to the southbound traffic as the road merges into one lane at mountain ash way, then back to two lanes with the left turn only into Hidden Hollow. I deal with crashes every day and I have seen my share of near collisions and vehicles running of the road to avoid others in this area. That said I wish a proper and adequate road system were in place prior to the building of these schools due to the influx of traffic they create. This traffic is ease to see coming (if you build it they will come). I also worry that if the need to quickly evacuate one of these schools in a timely manner were needed the road as is would not allow the safe and effective flow of traffic. As more lights are added to Redwood and Cory Wride Highway the commute time increases. Just like this time every year with school congestion through this area. Maybe a few roundabouts instead of stop signs as stopping though this area tends to just slow everything up as well. Thanks again mayor.

  1. These all look great and I know funds are limited, but I am wondering if the transportation department has driven through North Ranch and if we are on a list somewhere for repairs? We have some of the oldest streets in the City and they are falling apart. Just wondering if we are somewhere down the list. Thanks!

    • Charlotte, we are aware of the condition of the roads in North Ranch. North Ranch, Meadow Ranch, and Cedar Pass Ranch are all areas which present a challenge for us. The roads are obviously aging and there are many lane miles to care for with comparatively low traffic. Of those three areas I mentioned, Cedar Pass Ranch will see the first investments as their roads were built to a much lower standard than were North Ranch Roads. North Ranch and Meadow Ranch are likely candidates for crack seal and chip seal treatments in coming years. For now we are completing our plan for arterial roads and turning a majority of our efforts to collector roads. After that we will turn our attention to residential roads. There are two instances where we are making limited strategic investments in residential roads. One of those instances is when a small investment will significantly extend the life of the road and preserve value. The second instance is where the road is so badly degraded that it has failed and is resulting in more serious road conditions.

      In short, we have a view of the needs in North Ranch, though major investments in larger road projects there is not currently planned. To be succinct with our priorities they are Arterial, collector, residential except where maintenance can stave off the cost of a road rehabilitation. I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you want additional details.

  2. Will any sidewalks be repaired. We are at the exit of the Ranches Academy and the access ramp to the sidewalk on Goshawk is badly cracked and will be tripping hazard when the children begin school

    • Frank, thanks for the heads up. I spoke to our streets department and they were going to take a look at it today. I’m not certain what the solution is but I will follow up with our guys and try to get this done before school starts. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. What about White Hills?!? Our ONLY ROAD in and out of our subdivision has been ripped up for over a month. There is exposed gravel from “the work” all over the place. And we don’t get a second road like everyone else? Does the city’s leadership even care about its citizens out here?

    • Camille,

      my apologies for the delay. I have been answering questions as I am able between meetings. I am aware of the condition of Wilson Ave. in White Hills. You may be aware that the road was originally torn up to repair a leak. The road has now been torn up further with the replacement of the water main. This construction is one of the two jobs required by the developer in order to transfer the water and sewer system over to the City. In the case of the water project, it has had delays and issues, though it is my understanding that the connections are now being made between the homes and the water main. This will likely take a week or two more for completion. This work is being completed by your existing water utility, though the City has been monitoring the progress and the quality of the work. Upon completion of the water project, your utility will then repave the road to City standards. I have contacted the developer on multiple occasions to reiterate the importance of repairing Wilson Avenue to it’s original condition or better. I will continue to monitor the progress. The road will be returned to its original condition this summer.

  4. I think you already know the answer. Eagle Mountain only wanted White Hills because they are land and water hungry. The leadership cares very little about the residents.

    • Jessica, I know that many White Hills residents are still upset about the annexation and other issues. I certainly don’t want to be confrontational, though I do challenge your statement. I care very much about White Hills and the residents who live there. You all are just as much a part of Eagle Mountain as any other neighborhood. While I recognize that White Hills has some challenges unique within the City, I care just as much about your neighborhood as every other neighborhood. It is for that reason that we have worked hard to move forward with the water and sewer projects to tie you in to the City systems. Admittedly, those projects have taken longer than I would like them to, but it is not for lack of effort. The projects will get done and the road will be restored soon if you will bear with us. If there are any other needs you feel we have been negligent in addressing, I sincerely welcome a call or an email. My direct cell phone number is 801-564-9342. My email is mayor@emcity.org.

  5. What happen with Sandpiper corner ( grass and drain rain water) you guys started last year, didn’t finish and now all the center low cat tail and other plants are back. Just pour some concrete for the water to go from one end to another or do it under ground. So kids can play.

    • Mom living 9 years in EM,

      Unfortunately that is not in the plans for this “park”. Last year we made a significant investment in the landscaping for this area beyond the standard called for in the originally approved plans. Additional investment will be made in this area, though I fear it may not result in a more conventional style of park which you are envisioning. What you see today is quite a bit larger than what was originally called out. Originally, the flat corner area along Pony Express and Sandpiper was planned to be landscaped similar to the “orchard” concept you see repeated in other areas of the ranches. This is basically several rows of trees. There was to then be a split rail fence to separate the wash from the landscape. The improvements the City has made above the original plan include grading to create more usable space up top, more sod and irrigation than originally called for, and more trees than originally called for. Also, a trail connection from the one along Pony Express to the bridge was added along with sod and irrigation along side.

      As for the area below where the water comes out, this area is where sand and silt wash down from the storm drain up hidden canyon. The bottom of this space fills up with silt and sand and City staff does need to access the area to remove the material periodically to prevent blockage of the flow. For that reason there will be a road down to the bottom which will likely be built this year. We hope to make additional improvements as well, though those improvements have not been designed yet. We will keep you posted as we find out what funds are available after the building of the road and drainage access.

  6. Thank you for including the connection of Golden Eagle. This will be a welcome addition to the area and provide a needed additional access.

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