Proposed Code Changes

Tomorrow, our Planning Commission will be discussing potential code changes spanning several subjects. If you would like to review those proposed changes, you can review the planning commission packet here: Item B on the agenda reads:

“Ranches HOA Design Guidelines, Chapter 17 Code Amendments, Public Hearing, Discussion Item, and Action Item.”

One might be inclined to jump to conclusions about this agenda item and assume that the City intends to adopt the design guidelines of the Ranches HOA as City code. I would like to assure residents that this is not the case. Upon reading the proposed changes, you will see that the code changes are relatively benign for the vast majority of people.

Upon learning of the HOA’s intent to disband, staff and I discussed the impacts of this decision on the City. We quickly identified several areas where a discrepancy between City code and the Ranches HOA standard will have an impact. I did not weigh in on the proposed changes, but I did ask staff to bring changes forward for consideration. In this case, it was far more important that the areas of potential conflict had a proposed change brought forward so that we could discuss it and take action as opposed to leaving the conflict until a later day.

Given the timeline for the HOA disbanding, if we were to bring forward only a discussion item, no action could be taken, the HOA would disband, and the existing City code would stand in its place. Where existing code is incomplete in addressing some issues, action might be taken by residents or by developers before code could be amended. In this situation, we would simply have to live with it.

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