Bittersweet News

Residents of Eagle Mountain,


I want to share this letter which I have now sent to the City Council and City Staff. I think the letter portrays my thoughts at this moment so this will be my shortest blog post ever.



Dear Eagle Mountain City Council:


                I have been honored and blessed to serve the residents of Eagle Mountain City over the last few years. I have equally enjoyed working with each of you. For this reason it is bittersweet that I write to inform you of my resignation as Mayor of Eagle Mountain City, effective as of August 18.

After determining I would not be running for reelection, and commencing with a job search I was fortunate enough to have been offered a job working for Rocky Mountain Power as Economic Development Director. This position will begin on August 21, 2017. As you are already aware, we have all worked diligently to provide the residents of Eagle Mountain with clarity and transparency in all communications. It is in that same spirit that I tender this resignation in order to prevent any perception of a conflict of interest.

It would be impossible for me to express in words the appreciation I have to the residents, city staff, and to each of you for the faith you have placed in me over these last few years. While letting go of the things we care about is difficult, the task of leading the City through this transition will be in your capable hands. While I will preside over the coming Special City Council Meeting to select a new mayor, the task of selecting that individual will be yours. I have confidence that each of you will lead with integrity, wisdom, and kindness as you seek to appoint an interim Mayor in the interest of maintaining stability within city operations. If I did not have this confidence in each of you, my decision would have been far more difficult.

Though it is difficult for me to acknowledge that I will soon not be a part of this organization, I could not possibly be any more proud of what we have accomplished together. I will remain expectant and proud of the things I know each of you will accomplish as you continue your service to the people of Eagle Mountain City.



Christopher Pengra




7 thoughts on “Bittersweet News

  1. Thank you for your service. You and your family have sacrificed a lot to help this city. You will be missed. Don’t be a stranger.

  2. Good luck with your future endeavors. It was an honor to have you as our Mayor. You have to do whats best for you and your family. The city will survive.

  3. I’m extremely interested how the relationship between Pengra and RMP started. I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the utility change over just a few years ago had something to do with the new position that he will be taking at RMP. I’m extremely disappointed in our mayor, and this situation of him not serving his entire term is just another drop in the bucket. Despite my dissatisfaction of Pengra, I’m a firm believer in someone staying in office for the term that they campaigned for. We the people do not vote people into office just to have them quit early (impeachment is a different thing altogether).

    I beg the citizens of Eagle Mountain to select a new mayor who will really work for the benefit of those who live within the city limits. PLEASE do not elect someone like Chris Pengra. All of us who live in Eagle Mountain deserve better leadership to help us in the future.

  4. Kendall,

    I’m sorry you are upset with my decision. To answer your suggestion that the utility sale had something to do with this new job, I can only say that this is not the case. While you may have a different perspective, which I wouldn’t begrudge you, I stand before my God knowing that I have done my absolute best to serve the Citizens of Eagle Mountain in all things. I’m sorry if you felt I did not serve you. As for my position with Rocky Mountain Power, I was looking for a job when I learned of an opening due to individual holding this position before me retiring. I applied with his support and suggestion. I had no dealings with him during the Utility Sale. I applied like every other applicant and interviewed just the same. Because my role as Mayor was my primary source of income, I am four months away from loosing the income that supports my family. For that reason I applied, just as I have for other jobs. While it was my desire to serve the remainder of my term, it wasn’t possible in this case. Lastly, I have full confidence in the city council and their ability to identify a suitable interim mayor who will keep things running smoothly.


    • Regardless of the truth, you surely have to admit that joining the same exact people you let into the city looks pretty shady. Hopefully the vote by mail will encourage citizens to pick a better option and drain the swamp.

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