Pony Express Parkway Expansion Update

The Pony Express Parkway widening project from Porter’s Crossing to Redwood Road will begin construction this spring. Since this section of Pony Express is in both Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, the project will be funded by Mountainland Association of Governments and managed by UDOT.

Eagle Mountain City had planned to pay the additional cost of a traffic light at SilverLake Pkwy. However, we recently received good news that the bids for the project came in below budget. This means that we will be able to include the additional traffic light at no additional cost to the City. Yea!

Over the last six months there has been considerable discussion on the location of that light. Both Woodhaven Blvd. and SilverLake Pkwy were seriously considered. Both have positive and negative characteristics. Ultimately, SilverLake Pkwy won out after considering winter road maintenance, event traffic at the amphitheater, and the fact that the SilverLake Pkwy intersection would also be the entrance to the Mt. Saratoga residential development on the north side of Pony Express Pkwy in Saratoga Springs. Concerns regarding access to and from Pony Express Pkwy from Copperbend Rd. and Woodhaven Blvd. will be addressed with acceleration and turn lanes being added as part of the widening project.

Updates will be provided on this project as the process continues.

Mayor Tom Westmoreland

11 thoughts on “Pony Express Parkway Expansion Update

  1. Does this road widening to 5 lanes include a sound wall for the homes between Copperbend and just east of Woodhaven? These homes will have their backyards right up against these new lanes.

      • A 35mph speed limit does NOTHING to limit the sound of vehicles on Pony Express! I’m sure if your house was one of the ones with backyards along the road you would have found a way to get the funding for the sound wall! The amount of noise from the road is already bad enough for those houses and the new lanes, while badly needed, will only compound that problem! Too not have found a way get a sound wall built shows poor leadership and a lack of concern for those impacted most by this!

      • SorryNotSorry, if you have a real problem with what the mayor is saying, and calling him out for poor leadership, why don’t you show who you really are, and not hide behind the internet.

        By the way, if this is such a concern to you, should of bought a house in another location. So sorry not sorry for the poor decision you made in your home buying process. The construction needs to happen to help the thousands who live in the ranches, evans ranch, and other areas. Especially the new construction in Mt. Saratoga, with an estimated 3000 new residents.

        If you have a real problem, go about the right way, rally up your neighbors go to city council and get the funding. Instead of hiding behind the internet.

  2. Thanks Mayor for the update. As a new eagle mountain resident, I am excited for the change, and grateful for the easy of access of information the city provides. Please keep up your posts I look forward to them. Any idea on when another post will be happening? It looks like it has been about a month, would be curious to know new developments.

    • These first two months have gone by fast. There is a lot happening right now in the city and the state. I will try to get a blog post out this next week.
      Is there anything you would like me to talk about?

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