Good Things Are Happening

There are many great things happening in the city.
The City Council voted recently to preserve 55 acres of open space near Lone Tree. This land is a popular location for outdoor recreation and a frequent stop for wild animals.
We have a new 100 acre Boy Scout camp starting construction in Eagle Mountain. It is located in the White Hills/Pole Canyon area just south of Cedar Fort. Facilities at the camp will be usable this summer. Features include a zip line and ropes course, along with an activity center that can be reserved by the public for family reunions, wedding receptions, etc. This will be a nice amenity in the city and also a job opportunity for ages 14+. The camp is currently hiring. Youth and adults can apply online at For more information, contact Nick Hutchinson, Camp Director, at
Our streets department crews are doing an impressive job, going far beyond the service done in other cities. For example, between Feb. 18th and 25th they spread 1,018,000 pounds of ice-melt on our roads; they plowed snow off of 2,080 lane miles of roads; That amounted to 166.25 hours of snow plowing, which was usually at night and on weekends and holidays; One of those days they plowed from 10:45 p.m. to 8:45 a.m. I am proud of the dedicated people in our streets department.

I ask for your patience as we move into road construction season. Pony Express Pkwy will be a major focus as lanes are added and additional traffic signals installed. We will also be working with UDOT and Saratoga Springs on solutions to alleviate traffic back-up. Meanwhile UDOT tells us that they will begin work on Mountain View Corridor between 2100 North and Wride Highway (SR73) this summer, with completion expected by this time next year.

2 thoughts on “Good Things Are Happening

  1. Thanks for all the updates! I would be curious to know in your next post what the city has plans for future construction in the city. New Businesses coming, any new city facilities, etc.

    That would be awesome.

    Also, keep up the construction/roads updates! Those are always super helpful!

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