Fiscally Strong

Eagle Mountain recently received an A+ credit rating from Standard & Poor’s, the highest rating we have ever received from this highly respected agency. This enabled us to refinance water and sewer bonds at a lower interest rate, saving the city $300,000. Those savings are being used to pay off those bonds sooner.

Last year, we took over the Ranches HOA maintenance contract. This caused our landscape maintenance to jump up to $643,636. Through competitive bidding and economy of scale our maintenance contract is now at $461,633. An annual savings of $182,003.

Over the past seven years the per capita (per person) cost of government in Eagle Mountain has been reduced by 25%. That is due to growth and sound practices. The cost of government in Eagle Mountain is 10% below average in Utah. Eagle Mountain may be the most efficient city in the state, and certainly one of the best values by constantly striving to improve services and the experience of living here while keeping taxes low.

New businesses Pizza Hut and Thai Chili Gardens are coming to city center, while Dairy Queen and Quench It Soda Shack will be locating in and near Ridley’s, respectively. We will let you know when we have opening dates.

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