UDOT Proposal for SR-73: Freeway With Frontage Roads


Planning ahead and working toward solutions for our future transportation needs are vital elements in managing growth well. Eagle Mountain will need more roads with appropriate traffic controls and lanes to accommodate demand at peak usage. To address these challenges, we are working closely with UDOT on the S.R. 73 State Environmental Study (SES) to evaluate a Freeway with Frontage Roads concept that was proposed during a Corridor Planning Study in 2016.

The Corridor Planning Study reviewed various transportation concepts while taking into consideration Eagle Mountain residents’ opinions. The Freeway with Frontage Roads concept was proposed for various reasons. First, it will reduce traffic congestion through the year 2040. Second, it solves both short- and long-term transportation needs. Additionally, it will accommodate future transit and is compatible with bike lane and trail improvements within Eagle Mountain and the rest of our community.

The concept consists of one-way frontage roads in each direction, with a freeway in the middle between the frontage roads. The lower-speed frontage roads maintain access to local roads and businesses and serve as on- and off-ramps for the freeway. The middle freeway lanes allow commuters to bypass local roads, saving travel time and leaving less congestion on the frontage roads.

The draft map of the concept on UDOT’s website shows proposed access connections, on- and off- ramp locations, traffic lanes and intersections. A public hearing will be held this summer where UDOT will show the refined alignment and hold a formal public comment period. I encourage Eagle Mountain Residents to attend to learn more, to ask questions and to submit any public comments.

Changes like these are sometimes hard, especially for those whose homes are in the path of the proposed freeway. We regret the disruptions and inconveniences this expansion may cause. We will work with UDOT to do everything we can to minimize the negative impact on our residents as we plan for the future. UDOT and the City of Eagle Mountain look forward to hearing from you.

More information about the public hearing will be posted in the future, please check UDOT’s website or join the Facebook group UDOT S.R. 73 Environmental Study for details.

10 thoughts on “UDOT Proposal for SR-73: Freeway With Frontage Roads

  1. Mayor, I know my comments don’t relate exactly to SR-73 but I’m curious about the plans for Pony Express Pkwy around Hidden Hollow Elementary. I live in the Lone Tree subdivision and am curious of what the plans are for that area. I have heard rumors of a signal by hidden hollow and a 3 way stop to get into Lone Tree. I’ve also heard rumors of a road connecting the airport road to Lone Tree Pkwy in the plans to give easier access to SR-73, is this true?

    Also, I would like to recommend dedicated right turn lanes on that new project into Lone Tree and especially on Ranches Parkway going into the neighborhoods. It would be nice to not have to come to almost a complete stop when people slow down and turn right, really annoying when they forget how to use their blinkers and suddenly stop. I appreciate the time you take on these posts to keep us informed about future projects.

    • Bryce, thank you for the questions. These are all legitimate concerns.
      There are plans to expand Pony Express in the Hidden Hollow area. We hope to secure funding in the next month or so. Once the funding is in place we will be able to speak more specifically about the traffic lights and completion dates. We will make every effort to complete Pony Express by end of summer 2019.
      Connecting Lone Tree to Airport Road is a very real consideration that I am confident will happen at some time but I do not have any estimates at this time as to when that might happen.

  2. Regetvthr inconvienence , our home of 20 year will be a frontage road with no guarantee that a middle freeway will be built in the next 20 years. Look to the Mountain Land Corridor.

    • Jack, understood. I wish we could turn the clock back 20 years and change things but we can’t. We will make every effort to avoid such things in the future but as you know we have no control over UDOT’s processes.
      However, This expansion will not look like Mountain View corridor. The frontage roads will only be one way and will not work without the freeway in the middle. Once this project is funded, I expect it to be constructed all in one phase.
      Good luck to you and your family. I sincerely hope everything works out for you.

  3. Mayor,
    This is Cheryl Homen I appreciate your well wishes, but I feel you owe it to all of us living in the danger zone waiting for the bulldozers to arrive to keep us updated. I personally want to know how much time do we have?
    When will we be bought out and will it be enough to find another place to live?
    Both my husband and I are 63. This was our retirement home. A place we love.
    You have no idea of the stress and fears we are facing.
    And waiting without any form of communication from you or UDOT is inhuman.
    Please treat us with more dignity as a human being.
    At least give all of us home owners that will lose our homes information. Stop keeping us in the dark.

    • Cheryl,
      You are right. I can only imagine how stressful this must be for you. I would be happy to come visit with you and your husband. I will do everything I can to get you more information but please understand I have shared all of the information that UDOT has given me.
      It is my understanding that all property purchased by UDOT will be at market value so you should be just fine when that time comes. I don’t know when that will be because I don’t think UDOT knows. This process will still take years.
      Please feel free to contact me with any specific concerns and questions and I will do my best to at least help you know what to expect.

    • Following is an update from the UDOT SR-73 Environmental Study Team:

      Eagle Mountain residents who have property that may be impacted by future improvements to S.R. 73 will be directly contacted by UDOT, later this summer, to attend a workshop where a UDOT right-of-way specialist will be on hand to answer questions about the property acquisition process.

      Information about this project is available on the project Facebook page and website.

  4. Mayor,

    I guess I should fee lucky that I happened to be checking my mail yesterday at the same time my neighbor was down at the mailbox otherwise I wouldn’t have even known that my house I have lived in since 2005 is about to be pulled out from under my wife and I and bulldozed to the ground.

    This was our retirement home.

    It would have been nice to have more of a heads up, to be more informed. In looking at the map there appears to be what? Maybe 10-15 homes at most that will be in the same shape as us? Would it have been too hard as the Mayor, or a member of the City Council even, to come and knock on the door, sit down and explain things. Or are we simply not that important.

    And fair market value? Are they taking in the lot as well as we have 1.23 acres, or is it just a square footage aspect. All I know is I’m glad I saw my neighbor as my wife and I were about to start sinking some serious money into grading of the back, a new deck and a new fence all the way around the property. It would have been a hard pill to swallow to do that only to have UDOT be the first person to knock on my door with a oh hey, by the way, we are taking your house.

    So disappointing. So so, disappointing.

    • Charles,
      Please understand that UDOT is studying the situation and has made no determination yet. I can’t tell you what they are going to do until they decide. All I can do is get the information out that they are looking at the area and have been for several years. There have been several town halls and open houses seeking input from residents.
      We will send out updates as more information is made available.

  5. I think it is short sighted on UDOT’s part not to extend the “freeway” all the way to EM Blvd. It really drives me crazy when planning is so shortsighted. By the time this gets done, they will need to start planning on lengthening the freeway. Homes are already being built further and further out along 73. Just get if over with and build the road right the first time. EM Blvd needs to be widened as well. Speaking of EM Blvd, please tell me that Edge homes isn’t approved for another high density monstrosity like they are building off 2100. I think we need to know what the builders are doing.

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