Neighborhood Streetlights

I have been asked by a few people to look into what it might take to add streetlights in their neighborhoods.

First, a little history might be in order to give some context as to why there are so few neighborhood streetlights. When Eagle Mountain was created, the founders wanted our city to have a semi-rural feel. They wanted it to feel as much as possible like living out in the country and be able to enjoy the night sky. They did not want it to look or feel like living in a big city. They also wanted to keep housing prices down in order to draw buyers to an area that was considered way out in the sticks. To achieve these goals, street lights were kept to a minimum.

This can be different than other cities, so when people move here they are sometimes surprised about the lack of street lighting. Others find it to be quite natural and enjoy being able to see the stars at night.

So whether someone sees it as good or as bad, it is the way Eagle Mountain was built. But what if someone wants to change that and add lights to their neighborhood? This is no small task. It is an expensive demolition and construction process. Sidewalks and roads would have to be torn up so that power lines could be put in place. Roads and sidewalks would have to be replaced, light fixtures and power meters would be installed.

In order to pay for the new lights and the power they would use a special assessment area would be created. The special assessment area would levy a tax on all of the residents in the area to pay for the lights and the power they would use. This would be similar to an HOA for streetlights.

Though certainly not impossible, it would be difficult to get everyone in a neighborhood to agree to pay for streetlights.

11 thoughts on “Neighborhood Streetlights

  1. YES! I love to see the stars! Keep our night sky dark! Make the new businesses with flashing lights also do the same, it is light polluting City Center! The gas station and Pizza Hut are big LIGHT POLLUTERS and unfortunately are a big contrast to the small city feel!

  2. I’m so glad you pointed out that it won’t be easy. I love being able to see the stars and when there are too many street lights, it can get blinding.

  3. It’s hard for me driving down Pony expressway from Redwood Rd to home in Silverlake. If you could just put some cute lantern lights like you have near High School down Pony expressway up over the hill past second stop light. it would make it a lot better for some of us to see cars coming and cars on Road as well.. It’s hard to see when it’s so dark in this area.

  4. Then stop building things we dont need. Like houses. We dont need more of those. We need businesses. We dont need center divides that we cant see any way because we dont have street lights. There have been multiple occasions where I have almost hit someones dark colored car that they parked in a rather dark spot until my headlights were pointed directly at it. I have almost hit dogs and people as well and this is all going 5mph. Its a problem thay needs to be fixed. We talk about keeping people safe but its ok to have it so dark that pregnant me is almost in an accident because of someone elses poor choices? Stop replacing the light that clearly keeps being mowed down by prople going to fast on eagle mountain blvd which the speed limit/change in that area is its own issue. I can see kids waiting for school busses when leaving for work because there are no street lights. This is all talk about keeping people safe but no one is doing the things that would actually keep people safe.

  5. Moving here from a large city drowning in lights is a breath of fresh air in more than one way. Lots of lights close up the area and would destroy the night views, and even some of the natural wildlife. Let’s keep EM beautifully natural.

  6. I love that you can see the stars at night. I do have 1 question Connie mentioned the street light that keeps getting mowed by cars or whatever on Eagle Mountain Blvd….the money that is put in to keep replacing said light has there been any talk about moving all the lights so that they are on the inside of the turns….that way if someone does spin out they wont be taking out a light pole.

  7. So if we are not putting lights in, in areas that need them like pony express in city center I can send my repair bill to the city when I hit the center median because I can’t see it at 9:00 at night, because it’s dark and the road out there is horrible. Or when I hit a deer on Porters crossing because they like the ravine and I can see them because there is no light, I can send the city my repair bill, because thoes will be cheaper in the end then just putting some lights in where they are needed. And why where the lights not put in when the road was being redone on Pony Express, had it just been done then people wouldn’t be asking about seeing when trying to turn into Silver Lake.

    • Holly… Or you could learn to drive and not hit everything going down the road. (Maybe put down the cell phone?) I’ve been driving for 20 years and never been in an accident, never hit a deer, and never come close to hitting a curb. If you don’t know how to drive, and I know this is a far out there concept for some, DON’T DRIVE!

  8. I love the dark skies out here and hope we can keep them! I feel like the city council is failing us in keeping a semi rural feel that is talked about in this article. No more high density housing, please!

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