Pony Express Parkway Expansion Update

The Pony Express Parkway widening project from Porter’s Crossing to Redwood Road will begin construction this spring. Since this section of Pony Express is in both Eagle Mountain and Saratoga Springs, the project will be funded by Mountainland Association of Governments and managed by UDOT.

Eagle Mountain City had planned to pay the additional cost of a traffic light at SilverLake Pkwy. However, we recently received good news that the bids for the project came in below budget. This means that we will be able to include the additional traffic light at no additional cost to the City. Yea!

Over the last six months there has been considerable discussion on the location of that light. Both Woodhaven Blvd. and SilverLake Pkwy were seriously considered. Both have positive and negative characteristics. Ultimately, SilverLake Pkwy won out after considering winter road maintenance, event traffic at the amphitheater, and the fact that the SilverLake Pkwy intersection would also be the entrance to the Mt. Saratoga residential development on the north side of Pony Express Pkwy in Saratoga Springs. Concerns regarding access to and from Pony Express Pkwy from Copperbend Rd. and Woodhaven Blvd. will be addressed with acceleration and turn lanes being added as part of the widening project.

Updates will be provided on this project as the process continues.

Mayor Tom Westmoreland

Transportation Improvements Update

Ranches and Pony web

With the tremendous growth of Eagle Mountain over the past year, transportation improvements are an important area of focus for the City. Last month the City acquired land from the State Institutional Trust Lands Administration in the Mid-Valley area (between City Center and The Ranches), which allows the City to control planning for that section of Pony Express Parkway. The City is currently looking into options to fund a widening project that will provide better flow and access through the area with the new high school opening in 2019 and residential development increasing. We will provide updates as we have new information.

Other projects already in process this year for widening Pony Express Parkway include a partnership with UDOT and Saratoga Springs to widen the road from Porter’s Crossing to Redwood Rd. Another in the design phase is for the area of Hidden Hollow Elementary to Unity Pass, and another in the design phase is at Mid-Valley Rd. (Frontier Middle School intersection).

A road connecting Pony Express Parkway to Eagle Mountain Blvd. is planned at the new high school site, which should help with the flow of school traffic. This is expected to be completed by the time the school is open.

Traffic lights are a growing concern. We have been in contact with Saratoga Springs regarding the turn signal at Foothill Blvd. The lack of a turn signal has caused traffic to back up and block eastbound traffic all the way to Porter’s Crossing. Saratoga Springs has informed us that they have initiated the process for installing a turn signal. It is expected to be installed no later than four to six weeks from now.  Around the same time-frame a turn signal is expected to be installed at Porter’s Crossing. The reduced flow of traffic has made an already difficult turn out of SilverLake even more bothersome. We have already made plans to install a traffic light at SilverLake during the widening process this summer.

Finally, UDOT is conducting a State Environmental Study (SES) along Cory Wride Memorial Highway (S.R. 73) from Pioneer Crossing to Eagle Mountain Blvd. The SES will further evaluate the natural and built environment, and determine a preferred alignment for the future frontage road freeway system. They have established a Facebook page. This page is for informal discussion. To submit a formal comment, please email sr73@utah.gov or go to udot.utah.gov/sr73 to fill out a comment form. More information about the project can also be found on that webpage.

Again, we will provide updates as we have more details about these projects but wanted residents to know transportation concerns are being addressed as the city continues to grow.

Mayor Tom Westmoreland


Changes to Development Code

My first three weeks in office have been a whirlwind of activity, getting settled in and keeping pace with the demands of an active city.

The City Council, Planning Commission, staff, and I have wasted no time getting right to work on some difficult issues.

The City Council recently approved a Ridgeline Protection Ordinance. This needed to be done to protect our scenic hilltops from development. Tonight the Planning Commission will be addressing proposed improvements to development codes that will add more protection to our hillsides. Once through Planning Commission it will move on to City Council.

The City Council in a special session last night approved agreements with Goldsworth Real Estate, Inc. and Shupe Builders, LLC to address issues related to both companies’ excavation processes during development in the Skyline Ridge and Kiowa Valley areas of the city. The final approved agreements specifically address processing and limited removal of materials from a development site by a specified date. The use of blasting in the excavating process will continue to be evaluated by City officials and staff and additional proposed changes to code will be forthcoming.

It should be noted that these agreements are for a finite period of time to address current concerns brought forward by residents. Additional development is planned for the area and any future excavation will need to meet the City’s recently updated code regarding blasting and processing of materials. The agreements are in the process of being finalized and once final copies are available, will be posted on the City website, in the News section.

Related to these concerns, the City hired an independent engineering firm to assess potential impacts of the blasting to the area. We are in the process of receiving information from this assessment and will be analyzing the data to understand exactly what it means and how to best use that information going forward with enforcement of our new and existing code.

I appreciate the input we have received from residents through this process and their patience as we’ve worked to address these issues.

I want to thank City Staff and the City Council for their dedication, and the residents who met with us during this special session on a late Monday night.

Mayor Tom Westmoreland